Housing Minister Megan Woods should spend less time making misleading statements to Parliament and more time fronting up to New Zealanders with details on her housing policy, National’s Housing spokesperson Nicola Willis says.

“Last week when I questioned Ms Woods about the $3.8 billion fund and why it only amounted to one page of words with no details Ms Woods claimed extensive background documents had been released. She now admits that was incorrect and that she misled Parliament.

“While it’s good the Minister intends to correct the record what’s most urgent is that she front-up with details of how this fund will work. We need to see more houses being built, not more delays. 

“National supports the idea of funding infrastructure to boost housing development but details matter. 

“Where is this Government’s sense of urgency?

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“Labour has been in Government for three-and-a-half years, it’s had plenty of time to work out the detail.

“There are community housing projects ready to go up and down the country, the Minister should be using Government money to get spades in the ground building these houses tomorrow.”

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Kiwis Want Details, Not to Be Misled by Ms Woods
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