It might still be summer in Australia, but we’ve got plenty of snowflakes blowing around. A whingeing “Indigenous activist” has recently bullied Coon Cheese into changing its name. Now, in what a gay friend of mine characterises as “more flaming faggotry”, an LGBTBBQEIEIEIO activist is campaigning against another longstanding Aussie icon – the Golden Gaytime.

New Zealanders can have their Cookie Crumbles, but Australians are determined to keep having a Gaytime.

Australians are urging ice cream giant Streets to keep the name of its iconic Golden Gaytime following a petition that called for it to be rebranded.

Over 1150 people have signed the petition that argues the name of the ice cream, which was first released in 1959, was “outdated” and “offensive” – and implores for the term “gay” to be banished from its title.

Wow. A whole 1,200 whining “rainbow” snowflakes?

On the other hand, more than 45,000 non-snowflake Australians are telling them to stick their petition up their bum.

In a survey published on Wednesday, more than 45,000 voters said the name is “harmless and not offensive”[…]

In a statement to NCA NewsWire, Streets stressed the word “gay” had not been applied to gender preference when the product was first released in the 1950s.

“The origin of the ‘Gaytime’ name was and remains related to having a joyous or happy time and is meant to capture the pleasure that comes with enjoying an ice cream,” a spokesperson said in a statement.

“The ‘Gaytime’ name is not and never has intended to cause offence and this petition is the first that we have been made aware of.

Now ‘Poofy McQueen’ is having a right old cry because hardly anyone is buying into his cancel culture hissy-fit.

Mr Mc said he had been subject to personal attacks for speaking out about the name but stood by his view that it was outdated[…]

Weighing in on the debate, many readers said they felt the request was an example of cancel culture “gone way too far”.

“The meaning hasn’t changed, we have only added more meanings,” one reader commented. “Just leave it, it still means happy,” another stated.

“It’s not offensive; we shouldn’t change it,” one man said.

While one woman said: “The name is fine, the world is going crazy.”

Others said the suggestion the name was offensive was “ridiculous” and “a joke”[…]

A string of new online petitions have also launched calling to “Keep the name Golden Gaytime”.

“I’m trying to prevent a small minority from ruining the fun of this iconic ice cream. The vast majority of the LGBTI+ community enjoy the double entendre, and would be disappointed with this change to say the least,” a post by Pat Mahon reads[…]the LGBTQIA+ community has widely condemned the movement to remove the word “gay” from Golden Gaytime, stating it is not an “offensive” word.


As the jingle goes, it’s hard to have a Gaytime on your own. “Brian Mc” might be gay, but, as we see, he’s very much on his own when it comes to denigrating the beloved Gaytime.

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Australians Are Still Up for a Gay Time

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