Dear Editor

We are being brainwashed. No other discussion around Covid seems to be allowed, other than the current Government message of ‘Let’s suppress Covid 19’, without criticism. There seems to be no consideration of the results that have been achieved overseas where cities/states/countries have taken another path (the one the world used to take before Covid-19) or of alternatives to the government’s lockdown and hope strategy.

California and Florida provide but one example. California went for lockdowns. Florida went for far more freedom, basically letting intelligent residents take what precautions they deemed necessary. Today California has about the same death rate as Florida but Florida has an economy that is operating while California is in trouble.

The State of South Dakota allowed even more freedom than Florida and were warned by Dr Fauci that they would have 10,000 deaths. They had only around 670 deaths and that number may have happened without Covid-19, but in contrast to California, their schools and businesses were open all the time!

New Zealand’s desperate small businesses are all striving to survive these atrocious lockdowns. No lockdowns would be needed if the ‘Gold Standard’ contact tracing organisation that we were told the government had in the middle of last year, was a reality. What a joke to be trying to phone a contact 15+ times and complaining when a little intelligence would have had someone on their doorstep after at least the second unsuccessful phone call.

The PM seems to have learnt something at school. If you are discovered performing below standard, a brisk “No one can be perfect. We know there are things to be improved” deflects any criticism. From a school student, that answer might be acceptable but for a government to use “I know there are things to be done to make things better” is fanciful when we know, that if they did know, why didn’t they do it? Do they think governing is just being able to make mistakes and then do something else when shown up? That’s for children learning their way. This is not acceptable behaviour from a government.

Ardern was elected because she gave the impression that she knew what she was talking about and that she would actually do what she said she would. But no, she is happy to just make mistakes and fudge the criticism with the child-like “I know we can do better”.

As Thomas Sowell said, “A person making mistakes has no reason to stop making mistakes unless that person has to pay for their mistakes”. Well, she certainly did not lose her salary. She did not have to pay for any of the costs of lockdowns. And if she smiles sweetly, she assumes she will not be held responsible for any of the consequences.

Her approach is falling apart. Her dictatorial criticism of the latest South Auckland ‘crimes’ of not following what she said should have been done, is unacceptable. The people involved were correct. They are being blamed for misfeasance when they were doing what they were told to do. ‘Jackboot’ Jacinda turned them into a scapegoat without any apology. No dictator ever apologises.

Just look how dictatorial things have become. Ardern says her government will govern for all. She then stops any ‘governing for all’ with the highly racist Maori ward legislation stopping residents having a say and rammed through the changes through Parliament under urgency without proper consultation and debate.

These lockdowns have been imposed on our country without any debate. The PM is not been asked to consider whether her attempt to try to isolate New Zealand from Covid-19 is like King Canute attempting to hold back the tide. She has not been challenged over whether locking down New Zealand into a 15-year debt situation is a reasonable choice.

Ardern’s latest exhortation to snitch on your neighbour and tell them off if they don’t conform is straight out of the communist hymn book. Ask any immigrant who has lived under communism.

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Letter to the Editor: We Are Being Brainwashed


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