Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Or any dollars at all. That’s the message from Southland’s mayor to Destiny Church leaders Brian and Hannah Tamaki who he says are not welcome in his region.

The only reason why today’s unkind face of the day Southland Mayor Gary Tong feels free to be unkind is that the MSM drummed up hate against the Tamaki’s for leaving Auckland (just like thousands of other people).

The Tamaki’s have been demonised by the unkind media so now every unkind Tong, Dick and Harry feel free to put in a few kicks as well.

It is not surprising given that our PM “Jackboot “Jacinda has encouraged Karens NZ wide to snitch on other New Zealanders. Demonising Christians surely is only par for the course?

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Unkind Face of the Day
The BFD Staff

The BFD Staff

A contribution from The BFD staff.