“You have a situation where one of the candidates for President of the United States is questioning the integrity, the outcome of an election, with no facts.”

Nancy Pelosi

The loss of the 2020 election by the people’s candidate, President Donald J Trump, is being offset by the number of talented conservative politicians now surfacing in the American political arena and by the election fraud pigeons finally returning home to roost.

In Aberdeen, Mississippi, a judge ruled “66 of 84 absentee ballots cast in the election, or around 78 percent, should have never been counted” and has ordered a re-election.

“The court is of the opinion there is probable cause that several individuals involved in the disturbances during election day at the polling precinct ‘willfully and corruptly violated’ one or more of the above criminal statutes.”

Epoch Times

This week Nancy and the Democrats squeaked the H1 bill through the House after nicknaming it the “For the People Bill”, although a more appropriate nickname is the “The Democrats Rule Forever Bill”. It promises “a transformational anti-corruption and clean elections reform package”, and if you believe Nancy Pelosi‘s claim of a free and fair 2020 election, you will love it. Thankfully a minor miracle is required for it to get past the Senate and into law. Roll on the 2022 mid-terms.

Speaking of Nancy, President Joe Biden mentioned her during a confused response to the media. At least he was honest, saying, “I am happy to take questions if that’s what you… if that’s what Nance wants. Whatever you want me to do”.

Sean Hannity kindly calls President Joe Biden’s cognitive deterioration worrisome but I call it: Egg on the face of the Democratic party. Of course Joe is highly entertaining but it’s going to take a few more years of his presidential buffoonery to compensate for the four years of Democrat and media TDS.

Enjoy a goldmine of Biden gaffes below and pray for more forays into Biden accidentally speaking the truth!

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