The third but definitely far from least of my “Three Laws of the Media” is: Always assume that “fact-checkers” are trying to bullshit you.

You’ll almost never be wrong.

“Fact-checkers” are, in fact, anything but. In reality, they’re mainstream media (which is to say, left-wing) confirmation-bias generators. A classic case is Australian MP Craig Kelly. When Kelly asserted – 100% correctly – that over the last 100 years, Australia had recorded increasing rainfall, the ABC’s “fact-check unit” rated it “flawed”.

Now, yet another “fact-checker” has been exposed for their ludicrous bias.

Glenn Kessler, who works at The Washington Post as a political fact-checker, took a swipe on Sunday at former President Donald Trump, who had just delivered a stem-winder of a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando, Florida. In his hour-plus address, Trump at one point blasted President Joe Biden for continued school closings.

“Trump complaining about kids not back in schools yet. Who was president a month ago?” Kessler wrote on Twitter.

Kessler tweeted this on February 28th. Put your thinking caps on and cast your mind back to a month before that date.

But, uh, Biden was president a month ago. In fact, he had been president for 40 days when Kessler posted his tweet.

Twitterers teed off, pointing out that a month before Trump’s speech was January 28, eight days after Biden took office.

“Fact check: today is Feb. 28th. a month ago was Jan. 28th. Joe Biden was sworn in to office on Jan. 20th. So, Joe Biden was president a month ago,” wrote one.

Wrote another: “That would be Joe Biden, Glenn. Need ice for that boomerang hit?”

Now this might seem – and some tried to defend it as such – a trivial error. But recall: this is a “fact-checker”. Someone whose job is literally to get facts right. “The best part about this tweet is this guy is literally a professional ‘fact checker’”, as one respondent noted.

“Who will fact-check the fact checkers in post-America when there’s only the Official Narrative on social media and everywhere else?” wrote another.

Beyond this egregious failure of a “fact-checker” to check even the most basic facts, ask yourself: what would “fact-checkers” do if Donald Trump had made the same mistake?

You know perfectly well what: they’d chalk it down as “another Trump lie!”, mock the former president as supposedly mathematically illiterate, and just generally lose their minds.

To further prove the blatant bias of “fact-checkers”, they’re admitting that they won’t be applying the same blowtorch to Joe Biden’s feet.

Kessler kept track throughout Trump’s term of everything his team deemed “false and misleading statements […but…] the Post team won’t be keeping score on Biden.

“Trump’s departure also equals an end to having a false claims project for the current president, as The Post said it does ‘not have plans to launch a Biden database at this time,’” the Daily Caller wrote.

The Daily Wire

Always remember: these people are lying to you and they’re not even bothering to hide it.

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