It has been painfully clear that the ludicrous second attempt to impeach Donald Trump was motivated by the grubbiest political motives. Most especially because the Democrats and the RINOs are terrified of one thing above all others: Trump 2024.

Trump has every legal right to run for another term as president. Barring even more brazen Democrat vote-rigging than ever, it would appear to be his for the taking.

And, as in the 2021 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), the 2024 Republican presidential nomination is almost certainly Trump’s baby. Despite speculation that Trump was poised to start a new party – raising fevered hopes that the two-party system might finally be broken – the vibe from CPAC is the GOP is still the former president’s party.

The three-day gathering in Orlando, Fla., of members of the GOP grassroots coalition was full of praise for Trump, devoid of much dissent and capped by an hourlong speech from the former president himself.

The gathering also provided Republican rising stars, including Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) and Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley (R) with a platform to test the political waters ahead of potential 2024 bids.

The clear takeaway is that, contrary to the spineless wimperings of Mitch McConnell and Liz Cheney, the Republican party is resolutely wedded to, not just Trump, but Trumpism – and hardly anyone is buying the RINO narrative on the last election.

Trump may have lost reelection last year, but the entire conference still revolved around him.

Speakers regularly praised the former president over the course of the weekend. A golden statue of Trump was even rolled out to be displayed on Friday. And he was given the distinction of delivering the conference’s closing speech.

The former president was greeted with chants and applause from the audience on Sunday before he delivered a speech that lasted more than an hour and was punctuated by cheers[…]

“We will first take back the House, and then a Republican president will make a triumphant return to the White House. I wonder who that will be,” he said.

CPAC’s straw poll found that 55 percent of respondents said they would vote for Trump in a hypothetical 2024 primary, while 95 percent said they want the Republican Party to continue with Trump’s agenda and policies.

If Trump should decline to run in ’24, the other leading candidates are all his loyal followers. Leading (outside Trump himself) are the incredibly popular state governors Ron DeSantis of Florida and Kristi Noem of South Dakota. Both have conspicuously stood firm against lockdowns – Noem’s constituents threw a parade in gratitude.

As well as DeSantis and Noem, Donald Trump Jr, Mike Pompeo and Ted Cruz all polled respectably.

All of the above are close Trump allies.

“So again you see how important to everybody here — the grassroots, the base of the conservative movement, the base of the Republican Party — it is either President Trump or a Trump candidate,” pollster Jim McLaughlin, who announced the poll’s results at CPAC, said.

Furthermore, a straw poll showed that only 3% wanted a change of direction from the GOP.

CPAC was also ominous for prominent Trump opponents such as Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney, neither of whom attended. A number of speakers urged primary challenges. Trump’s own speech lashed “the RINOs that we’re surrounded with”.

This year’s CPAC demonstrated that Trumpism would remain at the center of the Republican Party whether Trump ends up at the top of the ticket or not.

The former president painted Trumpism as a conservative philosophy that promotes strong borders as well as fiscal and cultural conservatism […]

Additionally, Trump and the conference continued to warn against the threat of what they called socialism, painting Biden and the entire Democratic Party as radical leftists.

The Hill

Which, given the Democrats’ absolute devotion to identity politics and the fact that Kamala Harris’s voting record shows that she is to the left of even self-declared socialist Bernie Sanders, is an obvious fact.

And despite the left-media narrative, few at CPAC are buying the bullshit about “false claims” and “without evidence”. Election fraud, no matter what the media might wish, is going to be very much a live issue for the next four years. One which is certain to fire up the Republican base like nothing else over the last eight years.

A base which will only vote for a Trump or Trumpist GOP.

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CPAC Shows It’s Trump 2024 or Bust

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