23rd March 2021

Today saw the start of anarchy in Myanmar and the breakdown of law and order. Not by the CDM or the protestors, but by the police and the Tatmadaw. They raided the premises of the Free Funeral Society and ransacked the premises, stealing documents, breaking into the treasury office and stealing cash. Protesters have started to write their blood group on their forearms and also writing permission to act as an organ donor on the other arm.

The clip below shows medical staff being violently questioned alongside their ambulance. Warning: this involves the use of large boots and rifle butts.

I defy anyone to watch that clip and not despair about the state of humanity.

If this is carried out by out-of-control members of the Police and Tatmadaw it is indicative of the start of anarchy. If it is the implementation of official policy, then that policy is unspeakably evil.

I can continue as I have done previously and show bloody scenes of bodies and clips of the actual shootings taking place. I even have access to a clip showing a shot man lying in the road and then the police going in and kicking him in the head until he finally succumbed and gasped his last breath. If I did this it would sensationalise the narrative and reduce its impact due to the constant exposure to acts of brutality.

It is far more effective to look at a picture of a beautiful student.

Kyal Sin. A 19-year-old student demonstrating peacefully. Her T-shirt read “everything will be ok”. The BFD

Kyal Sin. A19-year-old student demonstrating peacefully. Her T-shirt read “everything will be ok”.

The same girl at school. The BFD

The same girl at school.

This young lady with a whole life to look forward to is dead. Killed by a head shot, and all her mother, father, family and friends have left are fond memories. And a T-shirt.

Or a picture of a much-loved teacher on her birthday

Daw Myint Myint Zin of Monywa. A much-loved teacher on her birthday. The BFD

Daw Myint Myint Zin of Monywa.

Who is sadly no longer with us. She leaves behind a family and a school full of grieving pupils. What is it about these people that frightens the authorities so much that they have to kill them?

As I was finishing writing this piece, news started to come in of major casualties up and down the country.

Dead 52

  • Yangon – 16
  • Dawei -4
  • Myeik -5
  • Bago -2
  • Mandalay -10
  • Mawlamyine -2
  • Pakkoku -1
  • Nay Pyi Taw -1
  • Htan Talan -1
  • Taung Twin Gyi -1
  • Myingyan-2
  • Monywa -6
  • Salin -1

Most of the casualties in Yangon were in North Okkala which is close to the airport. There is an abandoned 100 round card from an M42 at the site, but most of the casualties were thought to be caused by an M249 belt fed light machine gun.

As I have mentioned previously, the military have managed to unite all ethnic groups in the country, even the Rohingya.

A small glint of light and hope amongst all the terror. The BFD

A small glint of light and hope amongst all the terror.

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Breakdown of Law and Order and the Start of Anarchy

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