Shakespeare has helped us out again for a parallel plot which could apply to Biden and Trump in his play, Henry IV.

King Henry is bemoaning that the “vile of his realm” can “in their loathsome beds” get a good nights sleep whereas he can’t.
He is tired, guilty, sick and overwhelmed with rebellion. He is probably wishing he hadn’t seized the crown from Richard II.

Shakespeare portrays Henry as a weak ruler who feared his crown taken from him possibly because he was a usurper. He may not have felt he had the divine right of kingship bestowed on him by God. In Biden’s case, it seems that his own Democrats are rebelling against him. They want the codes to the nuclear football taken away from him. In the recent bombing of the Iranian militia in Syria by the Pentagon, Donald Trump Jnr. asked, “Did Bidumb know?”

Kraken King Joe Biden. Image credit The BFD.

Even if he did know, there is no guaranteeing that he would remember. When Biden speaks he has to take a card from his pocket to remember what’s happened. He couldn’t remember that 500,000 had died from Covid in America even though he had mentioned it the day before.

Jake Holmes of the Yardbirds had a fit for purpose song for Biden.

I’m dazed and confused, Is it stay or is it go?
I’m being abused, and I think I should know,
I’m starting to crack, if you’re out to get me you’re on the right track
Hey, hey, hey.

I’m dazed and confused, hanging on by a thread,
Do you want me dead, I can arrange that for a dollar or two,
I can’t remember anything about you,
Hey, hey, hey.

You can rely on the Aussies to be “fair dinkum” except when playing Kiwis at cricket.

Alan Jones of Sky News Australia describes Biden as a “lunatic prisoner of the Left”.

He says Biden is full of of inconsistencies. He wants zero carbon emissions, yet likes to put a log on the Oval Office fire himself. He is against coronavirus yet wants tens of thousands of illegals to come over the border including previous ones who were rejected by Trump for sex offending. He says he wants jobs, yet destroys the Keystone pipeline. He says Cuomo is “gold standard”. As Miranda Devine says, if Biden praises you it’s time to go to confession.

Jones bemoans the sycophantic mainstream media both in Australia and overseas who turn a blind eye when Biden blunders on. It is especially prevalent in New Zealand. The compliant subsidised media support our Mary Poppins supercalifragilistic socialist prime minister, humorously portrayed by both Spitting Image and The BFD. The BFD’s website in New Zealand is not socialist compliant, like the rest of Godzone.

The BFD. Photoshopped image credit Pixy.

Glamour magazine in America praised Jill Biden for being so “seen” when she wore a scrunchie to go shopping. Kamala Harris, when asked about her footwear by media, beamed and said, “I always wear ‘Chucks’.” It is hard not to want to chuck up at times.

The recently passed by Congress “Equality Act” is anything but equal.
Mike Berry from an Orlando, Florida-based liberty law firm said women’s sports are no longer protected under Title IX 1972 HR5; and it ignores biological differences between male and female. Did God get it wrong? Genesis says he made them male and female.

Female modesty and safety will no longer be protected in dorms, sports, bathrooms or locker rooms, as those who are biologically male but declaring themselves female under the law if passed will be allowed to enter. Colleges or institutions that resist will lose accreditation and won?t be able to receive student bursaries.

Hasbro tried to go gender-neutral with Mr and Mrs Potato Head their plastic toys but have shelved them in the meantime.

Mr and Mrs Potato head. Image credit The BFD.

Who is actually in charge at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, or are they just actors playing a part? Waiting for the next curtain call, or for the orange ogre to appear off-stage?

Perhaps Mr and Mrs Potato Head are now ensconced in the White House? It is hard to tell who exactly are making decisions that will affect billions of people worldwide.

I guess Mr and Mrs Potato Head are as good as anybody.
It can’t get any worse, can it?

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