As you probably know, it’s a very turbulent media market out there. Especially for Conservative media. If you enjoy The BFD and want to help us survive the storm, you can join our team as a volunteer.

As a volunteer, you can help us keep making homegrown and independent journalism with an unashamedly conservative viewpoint.

The BFD is a predominantly conservative website for news and views. We publish articles written by our own BFD writers as well as pieces written by high profile and emerging opinion/news writers.

Our commitment to transparency means that our BFD writers declare their biases and provide links to sources used to assist our audience to verify the facts so that they can then draw their own conclusions.

Thanks to the democratising effect of the internet, affordable technology and our large team of volunteers The BFD can challenge the legacy media.

While the BFD is in the growth phase of building its subscriptions to a level of financial support to equal The Spinoff, we rely on volunteers to fill most of our positions.

If you would like to be a part of our mission to provide a place for Conservative voices to be heard we are currently looking for the right volunteer for the following role.

In the future, this position is likely to become a paid role but for now, we are looking for a person with the right skill set.

News Writer

The BFD is committed to becoming a trusted source of NZ news. Every news article needs to

  • Be without commentary or opinion
  • Have a compelling headline
  • Be well referenced with at least one primary source, and hyperlinks.
  • Answer most of the questions: Who, What, Where, When, Why & How

The requirements to be a News writer are

  • Advanced levels of English spelling & grammar
  • Ideally a journalist or someone with experience in a News writing role or position requiring similar skills
  • Commitment to restoring historical standards of journalistic integrity and transparency
  • Have WordPress website editing skills
  • Have high-speed internet.

This position is currently voluntary. If this sounds like something you could get a great deal of satisfaction from, please send an email describing your suitability and why you would like to volunteer for The BFD to [email protected]


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Wanted: News Writer

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