Following the latest in the ongoing, never-ending lockdown saga, the nominal leader of the opposition, Judith Collins declared by way of a press release that National not only would have held Auckland in lockdown 3.0 longer but that she was also very much in favour of making criminals out of people who fail to comply with ‘The Rules’.

We need to consider tougher penalties against those who are not following public health advice around isolation and testing

Judith Collins, press release, Feb 2021.

Similarly, David Seymour, the other leader of the opposition, was at pains to point out how the Act Party would just love to make it illegal to not use Labour’s scanning app.

How very socialist of Judith and David. But hang on, around the same time as they were writing their press releases about how ‘National are just like Labour, but better at it‘ and ‘Act is the party of more legislation’, I went to the ‘website of truth’ and was suprised to find that apparently we already have legislation in place making it illegal to fail to follow the rules surrounding self-isolation.

Screenshot, 27 Feb 2021, 11.45pm. Highlights added. Credit: ExPFC, TheBFD.

So clearly somehow, sometime, it has been made an offence not only to fail to self-isolate when told but to fail to self-isolate after you have taken a voluntary COVID-19 test!

It must be true as it is clearly written on the Website of Truth’ and as we all know, that and the Podium of Truth are the only places where we are allowed to get information from as they are the only places where the truth is told.

‘Haha, Opposition losers, I’ve beaten you to it!’ TheBFD.

I’m blowed if I can find the actual legislation that this refers to but I’m sure that it must exist, otherwise, why would it have been published on the chief propaganda website?

Looks like Labour are already way ahead of National in the ‘Forcing Comrades To Obey’ stakes.

march foursome GIF by AwesomenessTV

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Wait, What? It’s Now Illegal To Not Self Isolate?

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