The most insidious path ever set down in this country during this writer’s lifetime is about to be walked, the steps taking us (further) along the track to totalitarianism and racial separatism. It’s chilling, it’s evil manifest, so why aren’t we talking about it? And, more especially, why aren’t we alarmed?

The most insidious path ever set down in this country during this writer’s lifetime is about to walked. The BFD. Photo by Vladislav Babienko

Disturbingly couched in Orwellian newspeak “Unteach Racism” is everything it claims not to be, but is to become, whether you like it or not. It is a state-enforced ideology, not up for debate and certainly not for criticism, not if any teacher, or student, expects to succeed. Every single pupil, and every single instructor, in this country, is in the ideologists’ cross-hairs.

Unteach Racism’s fundamental goals are to indoctrinate our young in a priori racial primacy – “affirming Maori learners as tangata whenua” and to disparage the non-Maori contribution to our society as “the injustices caused by colonisation”.

If you thought racism – the implied superiority, inferiority, or preference of human groupings according to race, culture or religion – may have meant the very opposite of raising one particular grouping on a pedestal then you have clearly not dealt with the New Zealand Human Rights Commission and the Teachers Council. It was these two groups who, together, crafted this grotesque and radically racist pile of manure-speak where they are not interested in treating like groups fairly and subjectively. For example, they have no interest in discussing the benefits of colonisation such as the wheel, steel, literacy, wet-weather clothing, animal husbandry, democracy, the rule of law, the end of cannibalism and the end of human sacrifice and slavery alongside the “injustices.”

The unveiling of the programme was delivered with all the ideological arrogance, and overt threats, accompanying tin-pot totalitarians anywhere. Targeting children of all ages, starting at pre-school, “because children are a captive audience”, ‘Race Relations’ Commissioner Foon clearly and menacingly signalled the consequences for failing to implement the state diktat. He specifically:

“hoped the programme would require teachers to show proof of their efforts to unteach racism in order to meet the requirements of their registration. “Like with driving, if you don’t behave yourself, you’re not going to get your licence.”

Race Relations Commissioner Foon

The cowardly Teachers Council on the other hand were more mealy-mouthed, couching the consequences but subtly.

“It was a teaching tool, rather than part of the curriculum.
While it would not be mandatory or compliance-based, teachers already had ethical expectations within the Code of Professional Responsibility and Standards for the Teaching Profession to gain their registration and certification.

This includes an expectation that teachers respect the diversity of the heritage, language, identity and culture of all learners. They also had specific requirements to continue to develop and practice te reo me nga tikanga Maori (understanding Maori language and concepts) throughout their careers.”

Translation: Teach it, teach it exactly as we say it, or you’re unemployable, you’re on the scrapheap. Your moral superiors have spoken.

The planning of this dangerous nonsense has been going on for years. The cartel of comrades hidden in the closets of the cloakrooms of power scheming, considering themselves our betters, impelled and fuelled in totalitarian zeal to re-order our society while the going’s good under the camouflage of the former head of Socialist Youth International. They’re all in on this state-sanctioned brainwash disgrace together:

The demonising description of racism as ‘learned behaviour’ disparages every single family in this country, while the pretentious, pompous, claim of our masters in morals to ‘unlearn’ those attitudes is ideological zealotry – the constant companion of the far-left – and a wedge between us.

No discussion will be entered into, as with all diktats, this ‘teaching tool’ will be implemented throughout our schools “in the next couple of months”.

Just another reason to thank our Glorious Leader. May praise be upon her.

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