The dog ate Rod Carr’s homework, alas; poor thing.

Refusing to release the Climate Commission’s miraculous modelling that posits costs from the Commission’s recommendations to government in reducing greenhouse gas emissions as de minimis, Carr has come up with several excuses, and now affected industries are seriously fed up with the bloke; they want to see the rose-tinted modelling.

“Last week a coalition of over a dozen New Zealand business and industry groups – including heavyweight exporters DairyNZ and the Meat Industry Association, Federated Farmers, mining group Straterra, the Motor Industry Association, the New Zealand Initiative, and BusinessNZ – penned a formal letter to Rod Carr, chair of the Climate Change Commission” […] “to constructively contribute submissions so that the commission is as well-informed as possible, we must be able to thoroughly review and comment on data and models which will influence major decisions about the future of our economy and society.”

Carr has obfuscated and bluffed away, refusing to release the information requested on spurious grounds. He hasn’t really said the dog ate his homework, but he may as well have.

Readers here will already know the Climate Commission batted away the heavyweight research by NZIER and Treasury both of which predict huge costs to the country from the proposed measures; the commission preferring their very own model called C-PLAN, a very special model for a very special commission at the crux of which is this magic trick:

“C-PLAN has some important differences from other CGE models that have been used in Aotearoa to inform climate mitigation policy. In particular, C-PLAN models emissions reducing in response to climate policy with little or no reduction in output, and so shows a smaller impact on gross domestic product (GDP) and abatement costs than other CGE models in Aotearoa.”

Well, blow me down, isn’t that clever; kittens? Costs materially increase, some industries are completely closed, stock numbers are heavily reduced – and there’s no downside! Amazing.

As suggested in Kate MacNamra’s article in the NZ Herald:

“It’s a considerable failure that the commission neglected to release this data three weeks ago, along with the draft report. And the drip-feed of information, less than three weeks from the submission deadline, now threatens to reduce the window of public consultation to theatre.”

And that’s what it is: pure theatre, a simple farce. When will New Zealanders wake up to the Climate Commission con?

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The Dog Ate Rod Carr’s Homework


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