Reductio ad absurdum is one of my favourite debating techniques. In a nutshell you disprove your opponent’s argument by showing that if your opponent’s statement were true, it would lead to an absurd conclusion. This technique is not without its kryptonite. And that kryptonite is of course: stupid people, i.e. people so stupid that they cannot see that the conclusion they are advocating is in fact absurd.

Take the statement “A woman can become a man”. The absurd conclusion would be to point out that if true, then a man can have a uterus, have a period, and have babies. This is of course to normal people patently and obviously absurd. However …


Sorry, Ladies, according to Golriz Ghahraman you no longer exist! The BFD. Photoshopped image credit Boondecker

So there you have it, girls. You can no longer say “women” when talking about women’s periods. You have to say “people with uteruses”. In fact, as women, and as biologically distinct from men, you no longer exist. You’re just “people with uteruses”.


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Reductio Ad Absurdum

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