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The Dark Valley Beckons to America

The US Is Edging Ever-Closer to Totalitarianism.

For five years, the American left screamed that their country was plunging into fascism. As is so often the case with the left, they were screaming into a mirror.

Let’s get this straight: America under Joe Biden is not fascist. Under Donald Trump, it was even less so.

But fascism is not the only form of totalitarianism. America under Biden is not becoming “fascist”, but it is becoming totalitarian.

Very totalitarian. Very quickly.

Totalitarianism regimes are characterised by pervasive political repression, suppression of democracy and election rigging, and absolute control over political, economic and private life. Other aspects of totalitarianism are thoroughgoing censorship and control of the media, mass surveillance, personality cultism and limited freedom of movement. Extreme aspects of totalitarianism include concentration camps, secret police and religious persecution or state atheism.

Now, Biden’s America by no means ticks off all of those boxes, but it ticks off enough of them and is rapidly inching towards even more. No impartial observer should be anything but alarmed.

Although it is far from proven that the 2020 presidential election was rigged, no one can seriously deny that there is evidence of at least some degree of electoral malfeasance. The laundry list of statistical anomalies alone ought to be enough to cast a cloud of suspicion: one or two anomalies could be dismissed as coincidence. Dozens cannot.

Fraud denialists also love to chortle that “If it was a conspiracy, how could it be kept secret?” and that “Trump has lost every court case”. The latter is blatantly untrue. As for the former, it hasn’t: Hundreds of whistleblowers have declared, many under oath, that they witnessed electoral fraud on a grand scale. Are they all lying? Possibly, but is that any more likely than that at least some degree of fraud was perpetrated?

But what cannot be denied is the shocking degree of political oppression that the Biden administration is enacting.

Loath as I am to bring up the Nazis (and I cannot stress enough that I am not calling Biden a “Nazi”: we’ve had enough of that childishness), the parallel between post-election America and one of Germany’s key turning-points in its slide into the dark valley of totalitarianism is chilling.

In 1933, the Nazis were newly in power, but their position was tenuous at best. Then a lone extremist committed an arson attack on the Reichstag. The fragile Nazi regime used the fire as a pretext to declare a state of emergency, claiming a vast conspiracy by “insurrectionists”. Hitler was convinced that a coup was about to be launched. Egged on by an hysterical campaign by their press allies, the Nazis rapidly exploited their emergency powers to ruthlessly crush all opposition and consolidate their power.

This is just one example of totalitarian regimes exploiting real events by framing them as existential threats to the state, and instituting a reign of terror.

Watching the behaviour of Democrats following the unrest at the Capitol on January 6, the parallels are terrifying.

To the frantic baying of the overwhelmingly Democrat-allied media (when even HuffPo can see it, the jig is up), the Democrats and the state security apparatus (which openly undermined the Trump administration for four years) are ruthlessly hunting down “extremists”. Democrat politicians are making up the most lurid allegations and outright lies.

The extent of the political establishment’s oppression cannot be overstated. Pundits are openly calling for drone strikes to summarily execute “extremists” – on American soil. More than one left figure has been caught unironically calling for gulags.

The political establishment is also ruthlessly purging the public service. Dozens, if not hundreds, of Trump administration appointees have been summarily sacked and replaced with cronies of the new regime.

Even more alarming, the military and security services are being openly vetted for loyalty to the regime. Again, exploiting its Reichstag Fire moment, the Biden regime flooded Washington with tens of thousands of troops – all to “protect” an inauguration that almost no one bothered to even watch online, let alone attend. Yet, the regime hinted that, somehow, disloyal elements within the troops might stage some kind of “insurrection”.

Nothing at all happened, but that’s immaterial: it’s the appearance of “emergency” which matters to totalitarians. And, more than a month later, Washington is still occupied by troops and many of the walls and razor wire fences remain. Even worse, the “vetting” of troops has been extended to include the entire military, which will be stood down to “address extremism”. Replace “extremism” with “rightist subversion” and it’s ghastly suggestive that what we are witnessing here is perhaps the most thoroughgoing political purge of a nation’s military since Stalin in the late ’30s. They’re just not taking them out and shooting them. Yet.

In keeping with totalitarian regimes’ penchant for censorship and surveillance, regime insiders are calling for all military members’ and recruits’ private communications to be monitored.

Of course, the previous Democrat administration oversaw perhaps the largest and most pervasive (and mostly illegal) mass surveillance in history. But what is perhaps unusual about the new totalitarianism tightening its grip on America is just how much of it is perpetrated by ostensibly non-state actors. Frankly, the regime doesn’t have to spy on its citizens, because the world’s largest, most powerful corporations are willingly doing it for them. Social media titans are mining massive troves of data on ordinary Americans’ political opinions – and handing them over to the state.

The Stasi couldn’t have imagined something so astonishing: that hundreds of millions of citizens would willingly hand over personal surveillance data to unaccountable corporations who openly collude with the regime.

Similarly, the Biden Purge is being willingly abetted by private corporations and civil institutions. Twitter has purged millions of conservative accounts. Where the social media oligarchs can’t ban users, they ban entire platforms, like Parler. Media and activists are openly compiling blacklists of those they claim supported the Trump administration. With a zeal that would astonish McCarthy, artists and writers are banished by publishers and studios. Even golf clubs and professional associations are blacklisting anyone associated with the previous administration.

All of this is being enacted to the thunderous applause of the mainstream media. After months of denying outright that there was any interference in the 2020 election, Time is now openly celebrating what it admits was “a conspiracy unfolding behind the scenes […] the result of an informal alliance between left-wing activists and business titans”.

Time isn’t hiding in the least what was done: “an extraordinary shadow effort…[that] touched every aspect of the election”. That includes, Time admits, changing voting systems and laws and amassing an astonishing fortune to assault American democracy at every level.

At the same time as all this is going on, Americans are subject to restrictions on their movements and on their daily economic activity not even seen during the Second World War. Religious groups are being openly suppressed. The media’s personality cultism is so blatant that even Politico warned them to tone down the Biden worship.

And all the while, Kamala Harris is waiting in the wings.

Maybe I’m wrong. I hope I am. Reading this, I’m acutely aware of how much it sounds like the “literally Hitler!” gibberings from the left for the past four years. But…

They’re hardly even hiding it any more – and we almost certainly ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Joe Biden: Totalitarian. The BFD. Illustration by Lushington Brady.

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