She’d almost certainly hate the comparison, but Tasmanian senator Jacquie Lambie reminds me a lot of Donald Trump.

By that, I mean that she’s a political outsider almost accidentally thrown into the national spotlight and that she’s also what commo pontificator Phillip Adams calls a “maddie”. “Maddies”, as Adams, for once, rightly observed (even a bloated, busted watch is right now and again) are those mavericks who come along to shake up the comfy system of the political elite. In comparisons that Lambie would probably also not quite approve of, Adams cited as “maddies”, modern pollies as diverse as Paul Keating and Tony Abbott.

Jacquie Lambie. The BFD. Illustration by Lushington Brady.

Jacquie Lambie is a genuine Tasmanian diamond-in-the-bogan-rough who got into politics on the coattails of bloviating billionaire blimp Clive Palmer’s big-money effort to buy parliament. Palmer mostly failed, but a handful of his acolytes got into the Senate. Lambie was one of them – but, to her credit, she immediately showed a truly Tasmanian obstreperous streak. Initially a gormless parvenu, she quickly learned the ropes and began to acquit herself admirably. Within a year, she defected from Palmer’s party and sat as an independent. Despite being caught up in the Section 44 dual nationality flap, she was re-elected in 2019. Since then, she’s been one of those damnable independents who seem to exist mostly to confound the two major parties by speaking her mind, for good or ill.

And to stick a raspberry up the Chinese Communist Party’s backside.

The World Health Organisation needs to stand up to China over an investigation into the origins of COVID-19, outspoken senator Jacqui Lambie says[…]

This is despite a WHO report finding no conclusive evidence about the origins of the virus.

Yet again, Lambie is showing off her deplorable habit of speaking her damned mind and saying out loud what everyone thinks.

Speaking on Today, Senator Lambie said she didn’t have faith in the WHO to hold China to account.

“It takes courage to go at China and be honest with them,” she said.

“We need to find out where it came from, why it’s mutating.

“If China wants to hide away from it, so be it. I say give it to them.”

Well, Jacquie, it’s mutating because that’s what viruses do. But otherwise, she’s bang on the money: Everyone knows China is lying through their teeth about the Wuhan plague and if anybody seriously believes the ludicrous excuses of the communist tyrants in Beijing, I’ve got shares in the Derwent Bridge to sell them. Like Australian scientist Dominic Dwyer, who was part of the investigation.

Professor Dwyer told “Today” he did not think China was lying about the origins of the virus but said it was a “question of interpretation”.

Seriously, mate, they’re going cheap.

I’m being a bit hard on old mate, maybe. At least Dwyer isn’t buying the Chinese story with the same willing gullibility as the rest of China’s WHO lickspittles.

“The data, to say that it started elsewhere, is limited,” he said.

“The evidence is clear that the virus exploded in Wuhan, no question about that whatsoever.

“The tricky part is trying to understand what happened just before that.”

He said there was no evidence that it started in a laboratory but added it was “very difficult” to go back and work out what happened prior to cases in December 2019.

No evidence? Except for the conveniently-disappeared researcher and that we know for a fact that China was researching coronaviruses in bats at their lab in Wuhan.

But then, when the cadres have assiduously destroyed samples and locked out access to the sites, is it any surprise there’s “no evidence”?

This is why we need the Jacquie Lambies of this world to keep putting rockets up the bastards.

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Tassie Maverick Gives China a Serve

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