Scorn in the USA: Jeep Pauses Bruce Springsteen Ad Campaign after Drunk Driving Charge

Did today’s face of the day Bruce Springsteen take his Chevy to the levy and drink the levy dry?  Where the good ol’ boys were drinking whiskey and rye?

Nope, that was Don McLean.

Springsteen did meet up at the bar with one of his buddies to talk about their Glory Days though.

Born to Rum?

Whatever it was, his reputation is now on Fire.

When he went to court, was he singing:  “I’m going Down” all while pretending he wasn’t caught Dancing in the Dark?

As he was heading down “Thunder Road” he was pulled over by the “Highway Patrolman” and then he was “Blinded By The Light.”

I wonder if he was driving his “Pink Cadillac”?

Everybody’s got a “Thirsty Heart” though and after that, I’m sure he was in need of a little Human Touch after he had a Long Walk Home.

He’s certainly no longer the “Local Hero” and I thought he was Tougher Than The Rest. New Jersey is certainly his “City of Ruins.

The patrolman said he looked like he’d just seen The Ghost of Tom Joad but “The power of prayer” wasn’t going to get him off this.

It was Lucky he was stopped otherwise he’d have been a “Wreck on the Highway.

Well, he’s Down in the Hole now. When asked if he’d been drinking he said: “You’ve got it.”

I bet in the courtroom he said to his lawyer:  “Cover Me.” I bet he was hoping he had a Brilliant Disguise.

Are you sure he wasn’t arrested on the streets of Philadelphia?

If it wasn’t on the streets of Philadelphia or 57th avenue, then it must have been a tenth avenue freeze-out.  

He had a wee bit too many Spirits in the Night.

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