Healthy children should live in the weird and wonderful world of make believe as and when they wish. It’s part of being a child to pretend to be whatever your little mind wants you to be and, if during playtime you fancy being of the opposite sex, so be it, but heaven forbid that a bit of childlike cross-gender play should end up defining who that child is. Children should be free to play and be whoever they feel like being while they’re playing and the role of adults is to accept that as play and move on.

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Nurturing our children is arguably the single most important thing any of us will be called upon to do in our lives, and surely, our life’s experiences clearly tell us that nurturing our children involves keeping them healthy and safe; providing them with life skills that will allow them to develop and grow into healthy adults.

We adults, have a clear moral obligation (which many of us clearly don’t live up to) to be adult and provide guidance. The suggestion to children under the age of ten that, somehow, nature put them into the wrong body can only be described as abuse, but don’t take my word for it.

Dr Michelle Cretella, executive director of the American College of Pediatrics, in an interview with The Christian Post has slammed the “institutionalized gaslighting of our children” by the institutions of “medicine, psychology, education [and] mass media.”

“When we tell children, parents or the general public that you can be born in the wrong body, that is science fiction and it is gaslighting. When we abuse children psychologically in this way … when we affirm them in this delusion that they’re born in the wrong body, we are making it far more difficult for them to embrace reality,”

“The fact is many kids under the age of seven are still developing cognitively. When we tell these young kids … the lie that they might be born in the wrong body, … it’s psychological abuse because we are disrupting their normal cognitive and psychological development.”

If an adult wishes to embrace transgenderism for his or her self, it really is none of anybody else’s business but, as a society, we owe it to future generations to be very clear in the guidance we provide to young, impressionable minds. With the exception of the usual extremists who want to turn society upside down, most people genuinely want to do the best for children, and the “grooming” I refer to is not necessarily done with intent.

Walt Heyer is 80 and has lived through the transgender experience. His article on The Federalist in response to the HBO Max documentary, “Transhood,” which follows for five years the lives of four Kansas City children who believe they are the opposite sex, is well worth reading. “I Know What Happens To The Kids in ‘Transhood’, Because It Happened To Me”

Grandma was totally unaware of the damage that she was inflicting, indoctrinating me into enjoying being a girl instead of who I really was—a boy


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Adults Groom Children into Transgenderism

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