There was a lady called Tracey,
Whose brain could get kind of spacey

To hell with lockdown
let’s go out on the town
and make the new strain go crazy


So, we are told that “Tracey McCovid” has been “assiduous” in using the government snitch app…except when she didn’t, like not scanning at Farmers in Whangarei.

She was so assiduous that she spent 9 days after having positive symptoms running around as many places as humanly possible.  My what an assiduous covid-spreading hero she was!  Perhaps she will be in the next new years honours for her contribution to spreading the virus?


She’s been on a two-month tour around all the CCP virus hotspots in Europe, then comes back here and catches the Wu Pox in MIQ because there is no segregation. She then gets out and decides that two months in Europe isn’t much of a break so goes on a tiki tour of Helensville, the Kaipara Coast and Northland…assiduously scanning in everywhere she goes, except the places she didn’t.

She is also symptomatic, but hey she’s a “hero” even though she ignored the first rule: stay home if you aren’t feeling well.

If she truly were a “hero”, she shouldn’t have scanned in at 29 places and who knows how many she didn’t; she should, if she were a “hero”, have stayed at home.

Can we please stop the PR bullshit? There is no point in being assiduous with the snitch app if you are sick. The snitch app isn’t the shield the nonces on Government will have you believe.

“Tracey McCovid” is no “hero”, she’s a nuisance.

There was a lady called Tracey,
Who travelled around like crazy,
She got an infection,
Even after inspection,
Because our government is lazy.


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