It was more than disappointing to see both National and ACT reverse their support for Chris Liddell’s OECD nomination. It pains me to be at odds with Judith Collins but for the life of me, I cannot see the sense in castigating a successful fellow Kiwi who is staying on in his job to try and ensure a smooth transition of power. I would have thought that was something we all wanted – including Judith and David.

Back in November Judith accused the Government of “playing politics” by not giving Liddell the tick to head the OECD. Forgive me if I don’t correctly understand the meaning of “playing politics” but in my book Judith risks being accused of exactly the same thing. Judith told RNZ that she suspected the Government’s lack of support was due to the fact he worked for the Trump administration. How right she was.

Fast forward to this week and we have Judith saying she is reversing National’s support for Liddell following the riots. She now says his ties to the Trump administration, “…cannot be overlooked. The rioting that took place was a disgraceful attack on democracy which has rightly tarnished those who incited and enabled the violence.” Who wouldn’t agree, but exactly to whom was Judith referring? If it is Trump then she has got it wrong.

I have seen Trump’s speech to the crowd where he said words to the effect that no doubt they would shortly be going to the Capitol building to PEACEFULLY protest. Chris Liddell himself has told the NZ Herald, “Like everyone else I am horrified at today’s events and unconditionally condemn them.” What more is the man supposed to say? The problem now appears to be the fact he hasn’t resigned but has chosen to stay on to help a smooth transition, something I applaud him for doing. Trump, on more than one occasion, has condemned the riots.

So, in my view, National has thrown an innocent man under the bus for something they criticised Labour for, i.e. having links to the Trump administration. Neither Trump nor Liddell incited the hooligans who invaded the building, most of whom looked like that was their intention whether it was Trump, Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse addressing the rally. They weren’t interested in the rally, most wouldn’t have attended it, but simply wanted to cause mayhem – which they achieved.

Here’s my point. National, as they so often do, have fallen for what they see as the populist path and have acted accordingly. It appears the party is still searching for some independent train of thought. Why Liddell should be victimised for something that was beyond his control is beyond me. Judith also played right into the hands of the scurrilous Herald who took great delight in describing her about-face as “scathing in her assessment of Liddell.”

Make no mistake, I’m a great supporter of Judith and I believe she is the one best placed to lead National. There are times however when you, having weighed up the evidence, need to go against what is perceived to be popular opinion.

The MSM by and large don’t give you straight facts, it’s facts bound up in their narrative. According to the NZ Herald they were all pro-Trump supporters. The NZ Herald needs to realise that there’s a sizeable portion of the public who don’t fall for their BS.

I keep getting subscription offers in the post. Save your money Mr Kirkness. Until you print just the facts and not the one-sided claptrap you get from outfits like the New York Times, I’m not interested.

I am equally disappointed in ACT and I would respectfully request both parties take another look at the issue in order to consider the broader picture.

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