On the weekend we heard the sad news of a perfectly healthy Florida doctor, Dr. Gregory Michael becoming sick and dying within 15 days of receiving the Pfizer’s Covid- 19 vaccination, with his wife confirming his healthy status prior to this event.  Heidi Neckelmann stipulated that she wants people to learn from her husband’s death, about the dangers of the vaccines themselves.  She also said in her Facebook post that Gregory was a strong advocate for vaccinations.

When CHD reported upon this death and its relationship to the documented link to Messenger RNA vaccines causing these types of reactions, Pfizer made the comment that they would be “monitoring the situation but did not believe that there was any direct connection to the vaccine”.   A response that has been no different from Moderna, the other major mRNA vaccine player, who has also downplayed the alarming amount of “adverse reactions” to their vaccine.  As such it gives no assurance that any action will be taken of making people aware of the known threat or that any changes will be made.

No doubt the Mary Poppins type approach will continue to be adhered to, by advising the gullible public that the evil plague’s prevention is better, than not taking the bitter cure with a spoon full or two of sugar!

Pushing the other concern of liability amnesty aside, the more pressing issue about this scenario is that it should not have happened, as there is a long history of these types of vaccines causing these reactions.

When in its infancy, experimentation with both Messenger RNA and Nanoparticles (known back then as ‘Geno Therapy’) was squashed because of this same overreaction and stimulation of the immune system, being exhibited in the animal test populations.  To the point that human trials were banned, when the industry regulators stepped in.

Of course, all this has changed with the advent of an almost designer made illness for this technology, which in Moderna’s case was costing their investors Billions of dollars in wasted research , by staying on the self.

“The failure in its first and most advanced therapy casts doubt on Moderna’s other goals for the rare disease space.

It also calls into question Moderna’s valuation, pegged at $4.7 billion by Pitchbook. The company has raised nearly $2 billion in cash from investors and partners. But it has done so by promising a revolutionary technology safe enough to deliver repeated doses of mRNA.”


When this article was written in 2017, neither of these two goals could be delivered upon.  There was no common disease with a large enough infection audience to be able to recoup their “investment” from and regulators and safety concerns would not allow testing on humans.  Fast forward to today and there is a rash of investors jumping on the gravy train.

The bigger concern, however, is the type of overstimulation that occurred in this real-life case of Dr Michael, which was an immune response that in turn overstimulated his spleens reaction to the platelets in his blood, to the point of completely removing them. It’s a condition that goes by the label of Acute Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP). 

Though the team of doctors who scrambled to his aid tried on numerous occasions to replenish these platelets within his blood, his spleen kept filtering them out in a classic example of immunity response dysfunction.  It created the environment within his body that led to his untimely death from a colossal stroke.

The other concerning “coincidence” in this case is the doctor’s body’s response to the vaccine being similar to those infected with HIV.

‘According to the Daily Mail, children can get acute ITP after a viral infection such as the flu or mumps, while in adults, triggers can include HIV, hepatitis or H. pylori, a type of bacteria that causes stomach ulcers.”  

If you combine this overstimulating of the immune system’s response that is happening, via the HIV components within COVID-19 and these vaccines themselves and it looks as though a cocktail for disaster has been created.

“The finding of 4 unique inserts in the 2019-nCoV, all of which have identity /similarity to amino acid residues in key structural proteins of HIV-1 is unlikely to be fortuitous in nature.”  


“The team chose to focus on HIV, RSV, and influenza because those viruses all contain surface proteins with similar shapes calle trimers. The virus that causes COVID-19 also contains a trimeric surface protein.” 


HIV causes the body’s immune system to attack itself in ways that are identical to unfortunate Dr Michael’s case.  As this was his body’s response to a vaccine containing HIV components, the question begs to be asked. Are we going to be crazy enough to let this experimentation on mankind continue and what will be the outcomes if we do? 


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