It is now apparent that the very person who is supposed to uphold the dignity of Parliament and the safety of those working within its corridors has proven himself to be totally unfit for the position.

In my previous article I set out the backgrounds of those MP’s elected to Parliament in 2020. On the left one would be hard pushed to find a more ragtag bunch of misfits. It now seems with the Mallard screwup to deal with they are, in all probability, about to show their true colours. Their hypocrisy and double standards will be on display for all to see. Whenever it comes to a crunch point for the left of politics, and Mallard’s behaviour is certainly one, they have little or no sense of doing what is right.

The left, when pushed into a corner knows only one thing, and that thing is written in indelible ink in their little red book, SOLIDARITY. No matter the rights and wrongs of a matter, that does not come into it, neither does honesty or fairness. They don’t understand democracy so that won’t be a consideration either. What will be paramount is to protect one of their own, the one who protects them in Question Time.

KINDNESS, that seemingly popular trait of Ardern and the only thing she’s good at, will be conveniently forgotten when it comes to the victim in this case. This is a person who, according to Barry Soper, has since losing his job been facing serious health issues. I doubt he will be the recipient of hugs and kisses from the PM.

The actions of Mallard in this sordid affair are reprehensible. He deliberately had the rules changed so any financial reparations for his slanderous comments were picked up by the taxpayer and not himself. This is a man who has now given himself carte blanche to mouth off in any way he thinks fit and with no personal financial responsibility resulting from his actions. Frankly, this is an outrage. Any person who takes this course of action is, in my book, a coward and not fit for public office.

The only person to stand up to him on the last day of Parliament was my Politician of the Year, David Seymour. Predictably Mallard didn’t like it one bit. Bullies don’t. Mallard made sure he released his statement on a day when bigger news took precedence.

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He refused to say in Parliament what the costs relating to the matter were saying he was legally unable to comment further. After Parliament rose, he then released them in reply to a written question. These are not the actions of an honourable man.

It is now up to National and Act, on the first sitting day of Parliament next year, to call for a vote of no confidence in the Speaker. This will bring into focus the phoney Ardern. Will, she put the victim uppermost or her Question Time protector. I’m picking it will be the latter. This will then make herself, her party, and presumably the Green activists, complicit in the whole sordid affair. This will show them up for the nasty lot of disreputable non achievers they are. If he does remain as Speaker National and Act should boycott Question Time until he is gone.

For the public, especially those who voted for this sorry bunch of incompetents, if this is how you’re happy for your hard earned taxes to be spent, then more fool you. This country is now being run by people with little ability, little regard for decency, even less for democracy and a complete sham when parading around exhibiting fake kindness. As we’ve seen from results so far, in all portfolio areas in their first term, it’s been disaster after disaster. That’s unlikely to change in term two with 65 cloth capped clots running the show.

The Speaker is a disgrace to democracy, to Parliament, to his Office and to the Country as a whole. If he doesn’t have the good grace to resign, which doesn’t appear to be in his DNA, and remains in Office, then the entire left of Parliament can consider themselves tarred ( and feathered) with the same brush.

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