Phil Goff proposes ‘one-off’ 5 percent rates increase after ‘unprecedented’ $1b loss

Mayor Phil Goff is proposing a “one-off” 5 percent rates increase to help Auckland Council deal with an “unprecedented” $1 billion loss in revenue caused by COVID-19.

Releasing the mayoral proposal for Auckland’s 10-year budget, Goff says “we need to take more urgent action now”.

“This recovery budget aims to meet the challenges posed by COVID-19 and the massive financial impact it has had on the city, while ensuring that the burden on ratepayers is kept as low and fair as possible,” Goff says.

“This not a slash-and-burn budget but it’s also not the budget we had hoped to put out at the start of the year. We have to accept that COVID has changed our financial landscape and change our plans accordingly.”

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The BFD Staff

The BFD Staff

A contribution from The BFD staff.