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Newsmax has reported that Trump’s legal team are suggesting that the
contentious Dominion vote-counting machine, as used in a considerable number of states, is programmed to multiply the number of Biden votes by +1.25 and Trump’s votes by -0.75.
(Maybe those figures are adjustable? I don’t know, but that is what they

Some figures I have seen on the Internet (presumably adjusted as above) show that the number of votes cast in states where the machines are used is consistently above the number of registered voters.
Even allowing a small margin for special votes such figures are simply
not credible. I decided to do a bit of maths.

If we assume a voting block of 200,000 and assume that the Biden-Trump split is 50%-50% (i.e. 100,000 each) we then get the following:
Biden  125,000   Trump 75,000. Well, that’s fine because the total number of votes is still 200,000.
So what happens if the split is Biden 50,000, Trump 150,000?
That becomes Biden 62,500, Trump 112,500 which is a total of 175,000
votes. But we have 200,000 votes which when divided by the ‘new’ total (and multiplied by 100) gives us 114.29%. Is that how they get their high percentages?

If we take this to the extreme and start with Biden 0 votes, Trump 200,000 votes then we get to Biden 0, Trump 150,000. That gives us 133.33%. So the figures I saw, mostly above 100%, and mainly less than 120% indicate to me that something unexpected has occurred and the software couldn’t cope. I say ‘couldn’t cope’ but I really mean ‘wasn’t designed for’. Of course, if Biden had some real votes and was leading there would have been no need to utilise the software adjustment, but my take is that the software was designed to cope with a much closer contest.

I suspect that what in fact happened was that Biden was polling a whole lot lower than was ever expected. Maybe I should put it the other way and say that Trump was doing a whole lot better than was expected, hence the crazy output from many areas. If it had been a much closer contest then the many ridiculous results would not have manifested themselves.

I also wonder what the pitch was when these ‘counting machines’ were
being sold to the various states. Were the states told of these extra
capabilities or were they sold as simply counting machines?
Do I sense some legal battles looming? After all, there is really no need
for anything other than a counter including some sort of check that the
totals all tally. That they don’t tally here is obvious. Why would any
state want to purchase equipment designed to cheat? It makes no sense at all, but many states did purchase the machines.

I wonder too, whether these machines are independent or whether they are connected to the Internet. Maybe they need to be connected to receive incoming results, but if that is so it is a very scary (dangerous!)

I conclude that some bright spark or sparks, probably from Silicon
Valley, have been handsomely paid to produce what has turned out to be a monster. What was their brief? It would be interesting to know because from what we are hearing about the Dominion machine and what it can do, it can only be to distort the facts by cheating. There is no other credible answer. I believe that the system has been used in a few places before but this time it has really tripped itself up.

Those responsible should be brought to justice.


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