Although most people are blind to it, Ardern has demonstrated an unreserved willingness to run New Zealand along the same lines as the People’s Republic of China. To understand the realpolitik behind this, one needs to be able to, in the words of one of our esteemed leader, ‘read between the lines’.

A characteristic of the current political class of ‘world leaders’, who are in any case little more than United Nations apparatchiks, is their tendency to reflect back to us the true psychopathic nature of the New World Order disgorging from up top. The messaging is brazen, and our elected representatives will often relay their intentions to us expressly and to our faces. Our biggest problem is that their one-liners are often decontextualised, or are polished by the media, or that voters only hear what they want to hear, or are pre-programmed not to believe in ‘right-wing conspiracies’.

Ardern’s now infamous ‘double doodie’ – by which she meant double duty – saw her nearly laughed off the stage at the first leaders’ debate. Imagining her to be something of a marijuana afficionado, I initially interpreted this incongruous phrase, which seemed to have been parachuted in from a parallel universe, to be either drugs terminology or else part of the skateboarding idiom. Ardern could have been using this banter to show how ‘down with the kids’ she is.

There’s precious little else being said about ‘double duty’ currently, except quietly in socialist circles, and very few people have troubled themselves to understand the genesis of this important concept – which is being rolled out across New Zealand right now, with full force.

Double duty is the brainchild of communist economist Joseph Stiglitz, whose views were influential at UN satellite organisation the World Bank. Prior to his time there he was an adviser to Bill Clinton. ‘Double doodie’ holds that it is the state, and not private individuals, who are best placed to create wealth. It seeks to maximise the power of the state to affect ‘desired outcomes’. It is highly critical of laissez-faire economics and seeks, via Georgist public finance theory, to heavily tax land – a policy which (surprise, surprise!) is currently being pursued with rigour here in the form of a wealth tax.

One can’t have a healthy economy without a healthy population; the fear of the disease is what caused the decline, not government lockdown but premature openings have led to an increase in disease, with adverse effects on the economy,” explains Stiglitz.

While governments around the world have been pouring huge amounts of money to support their economies, this must be sustained and it must be redeployed towards responsible investments otherwise the public spending will have been for nothing, he says.

“Unless you provide some kind of sustained support, the $3 trillion (£2.36 trillion) in the United States that we’ve already provided will have been for nothing. Of course, the high level of spending and high level of deficit mean we have to make sure the money is well spent; we have to make sure our programmes are well designed.

Part of being well designed means we have to be sure our money does what I call ‘double duty’ in which it will help create the kind of economy we want after the pandemic. This means we have to have responsible public investment,” adds Stiglitz.

The role of governments in shaping a greener and more sustainable economy is paramount for our global recovery and some countries have taken this to heart, the nobel price winner notes, highlighting Europe’s pledge outweighing that United States’.

“Europe has done a much better job on this than the United States and with the recovery packages that Europe has put together, there’s been a real vision of where they want to go, particularly in creating a sustainable green economy.

‘Double doodie’ uses government-driven and financed solutions to simultaneously address different ‘problems’ which the state has itself identified. It is the current means by which socialist regimes seek to interfere directly in people’s lives, creating centrally funded ‘jobs’ in government-sponsored industries, thus enforcing an entrenched cycle of dependency, which can only be ‘solved’ by doubling-down on further centralised ‘solutions’. It creates a conflated Marxist economy where everyone is kept engaged and busy – but working for the state. Auckland Council’s ‘internal economy’, which grows only in order to feed itself, is an excellent example of this applied theory.

The Ardern government is working tirelessly to smash the ‘old’ economies, such as the petrochemical industry and dairy farming, in order to create a new COVID economy based on surveillance, population management and enforced compliance with state and UN diktat. This includes massing the healthy into medical gulags, otherwise known as quarantine facilities – where people fall ill and are ‘cured’ – and the establishment of new public service armies to boss people around.

In this vein, Auckland Transport has recently raised an army of ‘transport officers’ who appear, to all intents and purposes, like the police. They behave in exactly the same manner, like paramilitary social workers, replete with useful weapons and the obligatory flak jackets. Their current official role is to ‘educate and encourage’ in the use of face masks on public transport networks, a role they discharge menacingly and not without threat, by impersonating actual law enforcement officers. If our police really were to do their proper job, they would arrest these charlatans for a level of misleading behaviour which is tantamount to fraud.

Dear reader, your complicity in this state-sponsored fascism is extremely important to Labour, with everything done, of course, under the guise of ‘kindness’. They want you to feel self-satisfied about it, and to continue benefiting as you abandon your senses. Ardern and Orr are printing plenty of money which they are not shy to splash about as we all ‘Unite Against Something’: to a symphony of state-sponsored vanity projects, subsidies for businesses, and to the record numbers of people still on benefits or engaged in other government-funded rackets.

But such largesse is not without a cost. The displays of solidarity and absolute loyalty which the party machine requires in return, acted out across the country under a new wave of feel-good COVID restrictions are, for those who know their history, not a million miles away from the ones last seen in Germany in the 1930s.


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Edward Persimmon

Edward Persimmon

White, male, Christian, middle-class, gainfully employed and married, Edward Persimmon is going nowhere fast on the left’s Pyramid of Victimhood. He attends a traditional church. Persimmon's interests...