Dear Editor

Is the Diversity and Inclusion Industry in the business of selling Hate?

“You can’t pick and choose the rules depending on the colour of someone’s skin. That is what the racists do.”

Kemi Badenoch

It is very important to see a Government calling out Critical Race Theory and BLM as Ideological/Political movements, which when taught by schools is breaking the law. Specifically creating suffering and inciting hatred based on colour and gender.

It is utterly abhorrent to see teachers (particularly in the humanities and social sciences) teaching young white males in class that they are ‘privileged’ from birth due to their gender and skin colour, and that exhibiting masculinity is ‘toxic’. This is an absolutely disgusting thing to burden any human being with, especially in an environment which should teach all sides of a debate.

They are intentionally labelling a human being as evil, to be hated and attacked in a social setting they live in every day, without escape. Remember, these are also the same people asking why male teenage suicide is so high.

Even now, months after the event, Labour MPs have not forgiven Kemi Badenoch for saying that Britain is one of the best countries in the world in which to be black. It was during the Black Lives Matter protests and many politicians — including Sir Keir Starmer — were ‘taking the knee’ to show fealty to its cause. Badenoch took a different view, seeing within all this a pernicious ideology that portrays blackness as victimhood and whiteness as oppression. In parliament this week, she went further: this, she said, is ‘critical race theory’ — a new enemy for the Tory party and, as equalities minister, one for her to fight.

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Letter to the Editor: The Diversity & Inclusion Industry


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