According to the media and her own breathless propaganda, Jacinda Ardern “eliminated” the Wuhan plague in New Zealand.

If that’s the case, though, why is New Zealand exporting the virus to Australia?

There are fears COVID-19 could have been brought into the country from New Zealand after a locally acquired case was uncovered across the Tasman after flights to Australia resumed.

But, but…Ardern conquered the virus!

NSW Health is contacting 455 people who have arrived from New Zealand since November 5 following the locally acquired case in Auckland.

The infected person visited three main venues in Auckland.

New Zealanders who have recently arrived in Australia have been contacted to see if they visited the same venues at the same time[…]

An Auckland Regional Health spokesperson said the person had gone to work despite being asked to isolate after being tested for COVID-19.

“This person became symptomatic on 9 November, was tested on 10 November, was asked to isolate, then went to work on 11 November,” they said.

“We now know that this case called in sick to work after receiving the advice to isolate, but after a conversation with their manager went to work and wore a mask.”

But masks are supposed to protect us from the virus!

A NSW Health spokesperson said[…]“All arrivals from New Zealand will be asked to monitor for even the mildest of symptoms and get tested and isolate if they appear unwell, then remain in isolation until a negative result is received, in line with routine advice for all people in NSW”[…]

The locally acquired Auckland case could be linked to an infected Defence Force staffer who ate at a cafe close to where the person worked, NZ authorities have said.

Oh, come now! They told us they’d “beaten community coronavirus transmission”.

It’s getting almost impossible to believe everything the media and politicians have been spoon-feeding us.

We could almost be forgiven for harbouring a sneaking suspicion that the government doesn’t actually know its arse from its elbow.

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