We live in a time of universal deceit – and telling the truth is indeed a revolutionary act. Everyone from J K Rowling to politicians are learning at their peril the cost of stating the blunt biological truth: boys have penises.

A West Australian mayor is the latest victim of the barking mad nuttiness and intolerant hysteria that is “transgenderism”.

Western Australian media presenter and newly elected Lord Mayor of Perth, Basil Zempilas[…]repeated, albeit colloquially, what science has concretely stated for millennia, and billions of bodies have rejoiced over: “If you’ve got a penis, mate, you are a bloke. If you’ve got a vagina, you are a woman. Game over.”

The result of this freedom of speech? Perth’s LGBTQ+ community responded with an intolerance that has gone into overdrive.

If “transgenders” really want to convince us that transgenderism isn’t a mental illness, they might start by not having fits of the screaming mee-mees the instant anyone so much as clears their throat and says, “Well, um…”

There is no wonder ideologues are pushing to bring into law outright therapy bans around human sexuality and gender. In their blinkered vision, no one must be permitted to discover what really is true. Their unconscious endpoint is to live by lies.

They reject researchers’ findings that have proven there are 6,500 genetic differences between the sexes, and that no one is born gay. LGBTQ+ lobbyists and their clinical and political allies are therefore right to be afraid of litigation in years to come once enough adults wake up to the malevolence and lies inflicted upon them as minors in the name of benevolence and truth. To prevent future litigation, they pass laws to start silencing everybody now.

Rank-and-file political party voters in Tasmania have voted to repeal that state’s radical transgender laws enacted last year. The parliamentary party will face a mammoth uphill battle actually doing so, of course. Punishing lawfare and screeching activism face them.

Zempilas’s off-the-cuff comments serve as a catalyst to Australians requiring them to firmly decide the direction in which they wish their society to head.

Will they silently accept women being sued for refusing to wax male genitalia?
Will they stand by and watch biological schoolgirls never again win gold due to trans-females (not genetic females) in women’s sport?

Will they just ignore the increase of kids at war with their biological sex, which we are already seeing leads to long-term issues with mental health crises and suicidal ideation, all thanks to ideology sanctioned by local governments which support LGBTQ+ books being read in local libraries by drag queens, and books pushed across the school curriculum?

Will they remain silent and thereby sanction more abusive state and territory laws which permit minors aged 12 and over to seek a certificate to formally change their gender, often without parental consent?

Bear in mind that these are not the words of some “transphobic”. This is a voice shouting “enough” from within the rainbow movement itself.

For years I served the LGBTQ+ agenda as a frontline gay activist. I know firsthand that the LGBTQ+ agenda hides, lies, undermines, twists and perverts whatever needs to be done so as to completely smash heteronormativity[…]

Zempilas had his moment of lucidity on air. Permit me to have mine as I state an opinion which most Australians believe but are afraid to speak publicly: same-sex “marriage” was never about two people of the same sex “getting married”. It was always about LGBTQ+ ideologues gaining legal permission to bully every stratum of society, and every non-conforming individual, Zempilas now joining J.K. Rowling and 58 distinguished others, so as to strip the average Aussie of their freedoms of speech, expression, association and religion until everyone is silenced and kowtowing to the rites of the fallen rainbow. They lied to us during the nation’s Marriage Debate; they continue to lie to us now.

At stake are not just the lives of thousands of Australian children being blighted by the flawed, deceitful “Affirmation Model” pushing them into debilitating, life-altering surgical and chemical regimes.

What is most at stake is the very notion of truth itself and our right to speak it.

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