Covid in this country has become a comedy on so many fronts. It’s a comedy primarily because there are a bunch of clowns trying to run it. From the get-go these idiots haven’t had a clue how to handle it. What has let this ship of fools off the hook, and what has given the appearance that they know what they are doing, is nothing to do with their capabilities but everything to do with our geographical position on the planet. I suppose we have to thank Maui for fishing up the North Island where he did, miles from anywhere.

Their comedic comment that they went hard and early we all know to be a joke. A month too late is hardly hard and early. Had they gone hard and early and had they done at the borders what they said they were doing, testing and protective clothing, we could have avoided the situation we are now in where it appears that the Government still doesn’t have a handle on the management of the virus. The left hand doesn’t seem to know what the right hand is doing.

I think that the government has got itself into a situation where the phrase too many cooks spoil the broth is appropriate. A few days ago Kiwiblog reported about a family who flew on flight 457 last Thursday and sat in the same row, 23, as a positive COVID-19 contact. The Ministry of Health told them that they were deemed a casual contact and did not need to get a test or to self-isolate. The traveller, however, worked in a restaurant and his employer didn’t want him coming to work without a test.

The employer rang Healthline to find out the best way to get one. Healthline contradicted the Ministry of Health and said that the traveller was a close, not a casual, contact and should self-isolate for fourteen days. (Just him, not the rest of his family who were also on the flight). Then, according to Stuff, the MOH put out a press release saying that everyone who sat within two rows of row 23 must self-isolate for fourteen days and their families must also isolate until they return a negative test.

They called Healthline again and were told the MOH advice was wrong and reiterated their previous advice. They then called Public Health, part of the MOH, and a nurse told them they should all isolate until they get results. Healthline then rang apologising for inconsistent advice and telling them that they should all isolate. Finally, they were called again by the public health nurse and the Healthline doctor saying that due to a change of protocol (they were on the other side of the aisle) the COVID-19 person was now considered a casual contact and none of them needed to isolate or get tested.

Six different pieces of advice from different parts of the health system.

Instead of doing his silly one o’clock standup, Bloomfield might be better, along with Hipkins, to get their house in order. These daily utterances are nonsense. I’ve long grown tired of them. I am not interested in every intricate detail of a Covid case bar when they last visited the loo. All this achieves is keeping the country obsessed with the virus which no doubt is their pathetic little game.

There appeared to be further confusion this week over the number of extra beds being provided over the holiday season with the bastion of the left, RNZ, reporting 100 a day being made available. Grant Robertson, talking to HDPA on Newstalk ZB, seemed confused about the number saying it would be the number of people who cancelled through changing circumstances that would be the reason for the one hundred figure. How does he or anyone else know that will create a hundred more empty beds per day?

The whole thing is a shambles as it has been from the start. Those returning home now need a voucher before boarding their flight to ensure their accommodation. I can see vouchers being issued but no accommodation being available on arrival due to a mix up with numbers. This lot couldn’t run a bath if you showed them where the taps were.

The irony of all this is that so many voters fell for the PM’s Covid election pretence and voted the ship of fools back in. Up the creek without a paddle doesn’t even begin to tell the story.

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