Again the effects of welfarism are manifested in waste and frustration.

New Zealand is heading into peak harvest season and there aren’t enough workers to get fruit off trees or vegetables from the ground.

“This could be my last crop,” says Heap, who grows courgettes near Waipapa in Northland. “I’m at the point where I’m not going through it again.”

Northland for God’s sake. Highest unemployment in the country. Thousands being paid to do nothing. NOTHING.

Worse than nothing in some cases. Paid to terrorise and steal from people who the government has already stolen from to pay hush money. The flawed ‘benefits reduce crime’ theory.

What we are doing is insanity writ large.

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Lindsay Mitchell

Lindsay Mitchell

Lindsay Mitchell has been researching and commenting about welfare since 2001. Many of her articles have been published in mainstream media and she has appeared on radio, television and before select committees...