Joseph Stalin nailed the obvious weakness in a democratic election when he said “Those who vote decide nothing; those who count the vote decide everything”. US election 2020 provides some useful lessons in effective election rigging.

Lesson number one: Do not sleep.

Roger Kimball explains.

“I believe that Donald Trump did win the election on Tuesday night. By my count, he had chalked up well over the requisite 270 electoral votes necessary to win reelection. That was a little past midnight Eastern time. I repaired to the arms of Morpheus confident that November 4 would ratify what was essentially a fait d’accompli on the evening of November 3.

No sooner had my head hit the pillow than the Democrats in the urban centers of states where Trump was leading—in Detroit, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Milwaukee—stopped counting the votes. Why would they do this? Because they wanted to stanch the flow of votes going to Trump and buy themselves time to determine how many votes they would need to win. Finding the votes later on is never a problem. That’s what we pay corrupt party apparatchiks to do.

When I went to bed last night, President Trump was comfortably ahead in Wisconsin. Close your eyes and poof: 100,000 ballots suddenly appear in Wisconsin with Joe Biden’s name on them. Stand by for similar feats of magic.”

Vote harvesting is rewarded by ballot dumps in the small hours of the morning. This is how a valuable vote dump of 2.9% can provide a 100% advantage:

Image Credit: Brian Dingwall TheBFD General Debate

Lesson number two: Employ idiots to perform your magic tricks.

Allegedly Sen. Ilhan Omar is well versed in the magic art of vote harvesting within the Somalian community of Minnesota but you can be sure her own hands are kept clean.

Votes on behalf of dead people are arguably small potatoes but the practice continues of impersonating the dead either in person or via mail-in votes.

Political allies among the many election day workers and transporters are useful especially if they are in management and prepared to instruct subordinates to commit fraud.

Vote harvesting works well in states like California where vote-by-mail applications are sent to every registered voter in the state, whether constitutional or not.

“Curing” ballots allows activists trained by the Georgia Democrat Party to go door-to-door to fix ballots rejected on election day.

Lesson number three: Prioritise mail-in voting.

Americans have a long history of voter fraud and are seriously distrustful of the ease of interference with mail-in voting. Happily this year the fear of COVID-19 sent those fears packing. Mail-in voting captured and dealt with many annoying votes for Trump.

A total of 18 ballots were found in Glendale, Ariz. on Friday under “some concrete and rocks,” according to officials. (Arizona Attorney General’s Office) Image credit: Fox News

Police in Greenville, Wisconsin, found three trays of mail, including absentee ballots, in a ditch.

(AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

Mail-in ballots from the military serving overseas were found in the trash in Pennsylvania. The ballots were discovered during an investigation into election issues in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. Most of the discarded ballots had been cast for President Trump.

Trays of postal ballots from US military, presumed to favour Trump, have been found dumped in a ditch.

Image credit: Washington Examiner

Note how effective mail-in ballots were in Nevada. Attorney General Adam Laxalt decried changes to his state’s mail-in voting laws and subsequent decisions from a court that made it difficult for allies of President Donald Trump to monitor ballot-counting now underway.

“Let me first say we believe we have a path to victory, but the Democrats have absolutely stacked the deck against us in this election,” he said. “They’ve changed this election inside 90 days and as votes are being counted and America thinks that with all these mail-in ballots, that you think you have people watching that counting going on, we are still not allowed to watch the signature-matching. We are not allowed to challenge any of those signatures.”

Lesson number four: Beware of voter trends.

Voter trends can be your undoing. Trump requested a recount “citing reports of “irregularities in several Wisconsin counties raising serious doubts about the validity of the results.”

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You want the law on your side as much as practicable, but don’t get carried away.

“Neither candidates nor voters can directly request recounts in Arizona. Voters can, however, contest election results in state court if they suspect misconduct on the part of election boards or officials, if they claim illegal votes were cast or if they claim counting errors caused officials to declare the wrong candidate the winner.”

In Arizona Trump convinced the state to recount votes and Biden’s win was wound back. In Pennsylvania, although Trump won the legal battle for vote watchers to come within six feet, remember that you have other means at your disposal such as moving the voting machines further away or simply refusing to cooperate.

Mark Latham on the Bolt Report Sky News marvelled at the unusually high voter turnout in Wisconsin and Minnesota saying “the data doesn’t add up.” Treat these critics as ignorant.

Lesson number four: Plan for, and encourage pre-voting

Triple the number of voting booths were set up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, this year to handle the huge increase in pre-election voting. Across America more than 57 million voters lined up for hours to cast their vote in person nine days out from election day.

“All across the nation, voters are waiting one, two, three, four hours to cast their ballots. In one spot in Georgia, the wait lasted nearly a whole day.

Voters like Ulont spend hours lining up to vote in person.

“There’s just something about being face-to-face, putting the ballot in someone’s hand, that makes me feel safer about it.

She said she read a lot about Trump’s connections with US postmaster-general Louis DeJoy. She doesn’t like hearing about the mail delivery delays, or the decrease in mail boxes or the missing mail sorting machines.

There’s stories about external tampering, too, which are harder to believe, but can’t be ignored, Ulont says. Not in this election, when the stakes feel personal and urgent.”

Lesson number five: Control the vote count

Slow down or stop the vote count altogether to retrieve harvested emergency ballot supplies and run the clock down in states that have a deadline for vote recounts.

Or follow Pennsylvania and Wisconsin’s lead and change the law to disallow processing of early ballots until election day or allow processing for days after election day. Use each state’s laws to your advantage and if the law doesn’t work for you then change it.

Lesson number six: Relax the rules around signature checks

Before the start of pre-election voting, the Republicans argued for strict signature matches on valid voting papers while the Democrats pushed for flexibility to let votes count even if their signatures did not match. Every vote counts right? Litigation lawyers pre-ordered a more expensive version of their annual car upgrade.

Never underestimate Donald Trump. Back in August, he ordered a legal challenge against Nevada’s intention to allow mail-in ballots on the basis that the state did not have any signature verification to confirm the ballot isn’t fraudulent. Trump lost.

Lesson number seven: Don’t video yourself bragging about voter fraud

Sleepy Joe must have been in his happy place when he recorded the video bragging about putting together “the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organisation in history”.

Do encourage high voter turnout and don’t bother when voter turnout exceeds the number of registered voters. This is easily explained away as legitimate unregistered voters turning up on the day.

Lesson number nine: Ignore statisticians

After all, what do they know about voter trends?

In Michigan Trump tri-hards alleged postal ballot voter fraud in Antrim County and Detroit.

“Early Wednesday morning, unofficial results were announced showing Antrim County went strongly for Democrats across the ticket.

The county, like much of northern Michigan, is usually very heavily Republican.

The county clerk says she became aware of “apparently skewed” results early Wednesday morning.

The county says they are working with election officials across the county, and with the company that provides their voting software, to figure out what happened.”

Lesson number ten: Keep those outdated, misfunctioning voting machines

Scattered reports of voting machine glitches in Pennsylvania — where some voters said they tried to vote the Republican ticket only to see the Democratic boxes checked on their touchscreen — caught the attention of Donald Trump.

“There are reports that when people vote for Republicans, the entire ticket switches over to Democrats. You’ve seen that. It’s happening at various places today,” Trump said.

Even if only a fraction of these practices work, you may still succeed in skewering your political opponent.

Don’t forget the benefits of financial backing from liberal billionaires like Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg who donated hundreds of millions of dollars to so-called “safe elections” efforts, as well as social media platforms providing censorship to close down the opposition.

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