“Labour now has more women MPs than men. The new intake is 16 women and six men, and there are no straight white males amongst them. Of the new faces only half are Pakeha.”

Audrey Young – HZH 24 Oct.

Audrey has highlighted the interesting development that the Labour Party now has more women than men. This exposes how much the political landscape has changed. Labour was once a union-based political movement – the workers’ party. It still is, except it has had extensive cosmetic surgery which included the removal of all wrinkles and callus from its working-class roots.

The smooth and highly perfumed transformation would have the old unionists turning in their graves. It comes as no surprise though as the most powerful union, the Post Primary Teachers Association, has a membership of twenty thousand of which 82% are women. Men have been slowly removed from this profession through various feminist interventions. Gay, brown and female are the preferred membership it appears for both the Teachers union and the Labour Party.

Ardern said “it was a result of a deliberate effort by caucus, party president Claire Szabo and the NZ council. We’ve really worked together to make sure we had a good crop of people coming through and it has made a difference”. Really! What ever happened to promotion through merit?

Labour has thrown away its toolbox and replaced it with a vanity unit. The blood sweat and tears of the working man have been replaced with tokenism. I have never supported Labour nor the union movement but I respected their existence and was prepared to suffer under their diabolical ideology in the name of democracy. This current mob are no more than pretentious hand-picked rabble. It appears that not one person amongst the sixteen new intakes was a straight white male. This can only suggest that discrimination is alive and well within the Labour Party. However, if Phil Twyford is the template of a straight white male, then I can understand their reluctance.

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The Labour Party’s Cosmetic Surgery
By George

By George

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