The Prime Minister has exclaimed that we should know them by their deeds. We’ve covered their deeds with housing, their deeds with flu vaccinations and the Prime Ministers lying.

Now, with the community transmission outbreak sweeping Auckland, we should know them by their deeds at the border:

Newshub can reveal that just one week before our current community outbreak, 63.5 percent of all border and hotel isolation workers in Auckland had never been tested for COVID-19.

The Prime Minister says all staff will now face compulsory tests, but a public health expert says it beggars belief this wasn’t already happening. 

They’re part of our most high-risk group: airport staff like Customs and Immigration, hotel workers like security.

All work in the vicinity of recent returnees, yet only a fraction had been tested prior to this outbreak.

Remember when they told us they were bringing in the Army to sort out the border after their last fiascos?

Digby Webb was going to sort it all.

What’s the bet Digby Webb looks more than both ways now when he crosses the road.

Well, the Government hasn’t sorted it, and that’s entirely on the Prime Minister. She’s failed in the most catastrophic way.

It is beyond belief that those working in and around the border and isolation facilities haven’t been tested at all.

This is negligence in the extreme. I’ll just bet the bus drivers that carted them around likewise have never been tested.

What is the government going to say when it is revealed that people in isolation were flown around the country in planes with healthy people who were just going about their business as normal?

What are they going to say about people in isolation shopping at Greenlane Countdown and visiting local cafes because they were vegan?

The Government, far from being competent, are in fact an omnishambles, and as more information comes to light, the wisdom of fighting an election campaign on COVID will seem rather rash.

The “Covid Queen”, it appears, has no clothes.

Know them by their deeds she told us. Know them by their deeds, indeed!

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Know Us By Our Deeds – Bungling the Borders
Cam Slater

Cam Slater

As much at home writing editorials as being the subject of them, Cam has won awards, including the Canon Media Award for his work on the Len Brown/Bevan Chuang story. When he’s not creating the news,...