A good leader always puts their own people first. Jacinda Ardern doesn’t.

This year sees the doubling of the refugee quota from 750 per year to 1,500 per year.

What most Kiwis don’t know is that hundreds more are taken in through the reunification scheme which has also been doubled this year from 300 to 600.

“The funding over three years would support the doubling of the current cap on New Zealand’s family reunification scheme for refugees from 300 to 600, and provide support when they arrive.”


But wait, there is more. Asylum seekers are also taken in on top of these quotas.

It is hard to find reliable figures on how many asylum seekers are taken in on top of the 2,100 quota but it is believed to be in the hundreds. Illegal migrant Behrouz Boochani was one example of a so-called refugee who was ‘accidentally’ given a tourist visa late last year and somehow gained refugee status.

“In addition to quota refugees, New Zealand accepts hundreds more refugees as asylum seekers or as part of family reunification schemes that are run by charities, churches and other organisations. Last year, there were 502 asylum seeker claims in New Zealand, with only 124 of these being approved.”


Now you may think it’s all flowers and Pixie dust helping these foreigners but remember it comes at our own citizens’ expense. The Greens themselves said each immigrant costs the taxpayer $100,000 and it’s probably far more than that. That is $250 million per year, a quarter of a billion dollars not going to Kiwis in need.

On top of that refugees get priority housing. There are 14,000 Kiwis waiting on a list for state housing, and approximately 2,500 foreigners are getting those houses first.

To form another minority government with Labour the Greens may demand that the Government doubles the quotas again. Kiwis need to be the priority.

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