Jacinda Ardern is digging a COVID hole for herself, a hole that gets bigger with each passing day. The strategies she has put in place for eliminating the virus are not sustainable in the longer term. The reality is that at some point, she is going to have to face the facts. When that point comes she will need options and the truth is that there won’t be any. What will then become evident is that millions will have been spent on a lost cause.

The way she is playing this is, as usual, all about her global image and desire for control. This is how socialism operates. Socialists in power are to a greater or lesser degree, dictators. It is the only way they can implement their anti-democratic policies. They create a climate of fear which makes it easier to enact their control mechanisms. In that sense, COVID was a godsend for Ardern.

If the polls are to be believed her strategy is working. Eighty-two per cent of the population believe her to be the most trusted politician. It appears that the sheep in this country are not confined to the paddocks. We evidently have a two-legged variety on the loose wandering the streets. It is a worry that people can’t see through her dangerous plan of action. Millions of taxpayers dollars are being spent covertly so as to further her socialist ideals.

If anyone thinks otherwise they are ignorant as to what is going on in the world of left-wing politics. Blacks Lives Matter has got nothing to do with black lives. It is a cause the Marxist Communist lefties have latched onto to use as a vehicle to achieve their real aim of destroying capitalism. The fact that if they achieved their aim, they would be worse off, either doesn’t occur to them or they don’t care. It’s all about envy and destroying the “rich pricks”.

It’s obvious from the poll numbers that most people would laugh if you told them this is the path Ardern is taking the country down. Here’s a warning for them. If she gets to govern alone or with the Greens, minus the self anointed handbrake, make no mistake we are on the road to full blown socialism. Those of us who can afford it will be taxed into oblivion. In other words, the road to social equality. Also the road to the third world.

The problem for Jacinda is the point where economic factors will demand a halt to her COVID controlling strategies. It is unrealistic to think that hotel isolation can continue indefinitely. It is unrealistic to think that the borders will be closed indefinitely. It is also unrealistic to think that COVID will be gone anytime soon. Albert Ko, an epidemiologist at Yale, says it is likely the virus will be with us year round for years to come. Michael Ryan, Director of WHO’s emergencies programmes says it may never go away.

This is where Ardern is digging her hole. From the start, she has put all her eggs in the health basket to get the global headlines. Probably sooner rather than later the economic chickens will come home to roost. By her actions, she has highlighted the Government’s ignorance of all matters economic. She will find she made a big mistake by not considering the economic ramifications of her decision making. It doesn’t matter what you are dealing with, you can’t divorce yourself from the possible economic fallout.

Here’s the thing. Those with the socialist mindset, like Ardern, are not interested in economic fallout. Tax the rich pricks is their answer. When you run out of their money, then what? The socialists don’t have an answer to that because they’re not programmed to think that far ahead. Their answer to everything is borrow and spend with no idea how they’re going to pay it back. This is what is happening now.

The BFD. Cartoon credit BoomSlang

It’s obviously of no concern to the Government as they haven’t bothered to progress a plan whereby we get out of the hole. How long is hotel isolation and closed borders going to last? In all probability not as long as the virus, or the country will be bankrupt. The Government can’t keep supporting businesses struggling through lack of tourists and overseas students for years ahead. It’s just not practical or realistic. The longer it takes Ardern to reach the conclusion that she’s eventually going to hit a brick wall, the bigger the hit and the bigger the mess economically. When that day comes I wonder if her trust factor will still show eighty-two per cent?

If it does, then we really are a country of baa-baa black sheep. No worries though as I’m sure Jacinda believes that black sheep lives matter.

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