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Wibble is a bit of an enigma, but so far nobody seems to know which bit. His name is derived from Blackadder, and yet he is neither black nor an adder, though he can indeed add quite well, puzzling indeed? He has no idea why he is currently talking about himself in the third person, or do I? Wibble actually has acquired a fair bit of education in his lifetime, with a couple of degrees under his belt, which is why you will never get him to take off his belt, in case they fall out. During his long (god, why does it seem so damn long) stellar career he has worked for the NZ government, for private consulting companies in both NZ and the US, and has run two of his own consultancy businesses. Wibble’s politics can best be described as being like a well developed, exquisitely rounded, and perfectly matured bottle of wine, which has been carefully cellared and temperature-controlled, and then when opened, is rubbed liberally over your partner’s naked body and licked off. In the interests of fairness and balance, one criticism that has been levelled at Wibble is that he is not entirely politically correct. Wibble totally and unreservedly refutes that allegation and says that his politics are in fact perfectly correct, and anybody that disagrees is just plain wrong, and they might as well just sod right off.