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Recently there was a Federal by-election in Australia in the Labour-held marginal seat of Eden-Monaro. In a tight race Labour scraped back, thanks to the Greens preferential votes going their way.

But note this.

The Australian Greens leader Adam Bandt remarked afterwards, “the result sent a clear message to the government about acting on climate change.”

THE CLEAR MESSAGE: The Greens vote dropped by a third from 9% to 6%.

As in New Zealand the Australian Greens are making little political headway when if global warming is as serious as they insist, which it is, then they should be doing a lot better. But as here, their fixated attachment to the Labour Party disqualifies them from being treated as a true Green Party, which they’re not.

The absurdity here is there’s very little difference between Labour and National but to treat one as a pariah disqualifies them and their Green message from being treated seriously. In the New Zealand context, they’re an extreme left-wing Party with a “Green” appendage.

I have no doubt that in the ranks of both main Parties there are numerous MPs with a strong Green personal agenda. If the Greens see a Parliamentary role then that should be to go into coalition with any majority Party so as to push their agenda. The indisputable fact is they’re frauds.

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Bob Jones

Bob Jones

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