I don’t go on Facebook much. I got completely sick and tired of hearing the opinions of my woke friends in relation to all manner of issues du jour. I actually deleted my account for a long time but have recently dipped a toe back into the fetid cesspool just so I can keep up with what a select few of my favourite race drivers are up to. Unfortunately I fear another break may be just around the corner.

We know all celebrities feel a deep desire to keep us informed of their every heartfelt opinion, detail for us their latest cause and shine their giant wokeness spotlights into our social media feeds, but for a long time we knew we could rely on sports stars to keep out of the political stuff.

But no longer. Ever since NFL’s afro-haired American Flag hater Colin Kaepernick decided that he would sit down for the playing of the American Anthem because, ‘racism’, we have had to put up with all sorts of Woke Wombles pushing their victimhood on us, or worse yet, someone else’s victimhood.

Colin was thinking it might be time for a haircut. The BFD.

Helmet Hair Kaepernick’s protest sitting eventually ended up becoming the now world famous ‘Taking a Knee‘. As virtue signalling goes, I reckon this must be one of the most ironic out there. If we are all supposed to be equal, how does grovelling on the ground show that? Every time I see these fools around the world doing this, the images that pop into my head are the famous ISIS scenes where some poor soul is about to have his head ceremoniously removed in honour of the sword swinger’s God.

So why do these sports stars feel the need to cower at the feet of their supposed victims? Is it simply the desire to be part of the ‘in crowd’? Is it just a lack of knowledge and foresight that leads them to blindly go along with what someone more famous than them is doing?

I think much of it is just knee-jerk responses. They don’t want to be seen as being the odd one out because that in itself would see them pilloried and accused of the exact thing that they are trying to show their displeasure about.

V8 Supercar racer Scott McLaughlin is one who has traditionally avoided having political messages on his Facebook page. But even he couldn’t resist the temptation to partake in a little wokery when on June 3rd he put up the silly ‘black screen’ post to show he really, really disagrees with black folks getting murdered or somesuch. I don’t actually know what it is supposed to mean, but he did put up an emoji of a black coloured heart so presumably, he was supporting the premise that Black Lives Matter (more than other ones?).

Scott had a number of supporters that day and that post garnered nearly 200 comments, but many rightly suggested that he should probably keep his politics out of his profile should he want to retain the large following that he has. It certainly lowered my opinion of him.

But perhaps the worst offender, at least in the motor racing circles, would have to be the King of Wokeness, Lewis Hamilton of Formula One fame. Lewis has been whinging on for years about every percieved slight but his latest driving of the Black Lives Matter cause has led to a new low.

13 Cucks and 6 stand up blokes. F1 goes woke, soon to go broke. The BFD.

Prior to the latest F1 race, (somewhere in Europe, no one cares anymore as it’s not on TV), Lewis decided that he would rally the troops to do his bit to end the evil scourge of racism which so blighted his life, getting pretty much the entire field to dirty one knee while wearing prominent messages of solidarity. He later tried to claim that he was not supporting the political side of BLM but rather the poor hard done by Black People side of things.

Funny though, if there was ever a person on the planet that wasn’t poor or hard done by it would have to be Hamilton. The man is worth around half a billion dollars at the moment and has always had the best of everything, including the biggest opportunities. Maybe all that success has only come about because his Mum is a white woman as clearly his dark-skinned Dad had nothing to do with it!

Hell even when he’s being supported, it’s still racist apparently.

A group of F1 fans attracted a storm of controversy in 2008 by wearing black face paint and wigs at the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona
Hamilton Supporters, 2008, Spanish GP. © Joanne Burnett/Getty Images

Of course, it doesn’t matter what you do, it will never be enough for the truly Woke. Lewis has already been critisised for not speaking out against the few of his fellow drivers who refused to take the knee.

Of course Kimi Raikkonen would be one of those as he is his own man, but it was good to also see that Charles Leclerc, Max Verstappen, Antonio Giovinazzi, Carlos Sainz, and Daniil Kvyat all refused to lower themselves, although they still all stood there wearing the ‘End Racism’ T.shirts.

The pathetic thing is that you just know that plenty of these guys and their team members, who also got in on the grovelling really aren’t that interested in the message. They simply know that if they don’t go along with the crowd, their jobs will be on the line, which to me at least renders the entire thing one giant charade.

Still, at least Facebook still has some normal people on it. This popped up written by an unknown author but it sums up how I feel pretty well.

I refuse to kneel for a criminal thug.

I refuse to kneel for a protest that ignores the murder of a black police chief by a black man.

I refuse to kneel for a movement that wants to change history whilst ignoring it’s own responsibility in creating it.

I refuse to kneel for a movement that disrespects our veterans by defacing war memorials, memorials that honour those who fell to give you the freedom to protest.

I refuse to kneel for a movement that attacks our emergency services then will call on them when they are in dire need of help.

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