The first post of this series explored the complex web of front groups financing the Black Lives Matter movement. This post explores its ideological roots and its real goal: “anti-racism” is the lying bait. The switch is the complete overthrow of the American republic as a capitalist liberal democracy.

As we saw, BLM’s masterminds follow a classic revolutionary “cell” structure: dozens, if not hundreds, of what pose as relatively small, disconnected groups – which are, in reality, financed and controlled by a tiny clique of puppeteers pursuing a single ideological goal.

The far-left roots of BLM run deep. In fact, BLM is nothing more than the more modern excrescence of the web of radical communist groups which declared war on America in 1968, in a fit of rage at losing the election to Richard Nixon – in other words exactly as happened in 2016. More than a decade of daily bombings, shootings, bank robberies and agitation followed through the 70s. Yet America didn’t only ignore them back then, it swung back, electing Ronald Reagan by a landslide in 1980.

The violent, radical left appeared to give up. In reality, it was a strategic retreat. The underground went overground, pretending to be contrite – but, in actual fact, cultivating legitimacy among the useful idiots of academia and the media, and ultimately, the mainstream left.

“We must be ready to employ trickery, deceit, law-breaking, withholding and concealing truth… We can and must write in a language which sows among the masses hate, revulsion, and scorn toward those who disagree with us.”—Vladimir Lenin.

That quote from the Soviet Union’s first leader captures the entire essence of the Left’s strategy. No matter what the issue, no matter what the facts, the Left advances a relentless, hate-filled narrative that America is irredeemably evil and must be destroyed as soon as possible. The BLM movement is only the latest but perhaps most dangerous variant on this divisive theme.

As I’ve written many times, the left use language games as one of their most potent weapons. Whenever they know they’re losing the argument, the left simply shift the goalposts, change the meanings of words, and triumphantly declare themselves the winners. This is what Orwell portrayed in 1984 as Newspeak. We see it today in such things as the deliberate redefining of “racism” to exclude white people, thus justifying the virulent anti-white racism of BLM. We also see it in the rebranding of all dissent as “phobia”.

Communists use language and psychology as weapons. Their constant vilification is a form of psychological terror. It puts America and Americans on trial. The verdict is always guilty. Facts don’t matter because the Left does not want to resolve the problems they complain about. They use those problems to agitate and provoke, hoping conflict becomes unavoidable—thereby creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. Their hatred is tactical.

BLM leaders are at least honest enough – or confident in the momentum of their campaign – to openly declare that “We are trained Marxists”. The Marxist heritage of BLM reaches back to one of the most odious ideologies to plague the post-War West: the Frankfurt School. At the core of BLM’s ideology is “Critical Race Theory”, which declares that “America is permanently racist to its core, and that consequently, the nation’s legal structures are, by definition, racist and invalid”.

Obama’s favorite Harvard professor Derrick Bell devised Critical Race Theory[… which] is in turn an innovation of Critical Theory—developed by philosophers of the communist Frankfurt School[…]Critical Theory—which discredits all aspects of Western society—rapidly infected the minds of newly-minted college professors, who then spread its poison throughout the university system. We know it today as political correctness.

The “racist” narrative was turbocharged with the concept of “White Privilege,” the notion that whites—the dominant group in capitalist America—are irretrievably racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, fill-in-the-blank-ophobic, imperialistic oppressors who exploit everyone. Whites are the only true evil in the world and should be exterminated.

Having redefined “racism” to exclude whites, BLM thus license themselves to in fact be virulent racists, all while strutting about in the plumage of “anti-racism”.

One of the great ironies of modern history is that so much of the violent racism of movements like BLM is promulgated by self-hating whites.

While “white privilege” gained popular traction with (the very white) Peggy Macintosh’s 1989 Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack, the idea was first promulgated by two (very white) 60s radicals.

The “White Skin Privilege” idea was created in 1967 by Noel Ignatiev[…who] co-authored an SDS pamphlet with fellow radical Ted Allen, titled White Blindspot. In 1992 he co-founded Race Traitor: Journal of the New Abolitionism. Its first issue coined the slogan, “Treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity.” Its stated objective was to “abolish the white race.” More specifically, the New Abolitionist newsletter stated:

“The way to abolish the white race is to challenge, disrupt and eventually overturn the institutions and behavior patterns that reproduce the privileges of whiteness, including the schools, job and housing markets, and the criminal justice system. The abolitionists do not limit themselves to socially acceptable means of protest, but reject in advance no means of attaining their goal.”

But “white” in this neo-Marxist lexicon goes far beyond skin colour. The anti-whiteness of the lily-white founders of this hateful ideology follows a twisted, self-flagellating logic.

The white radicals of groups like the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and, later, the Weather Underground, almost all grew up in privileged, middle-class families in the comfortable 1950s America of Truman and Eisenhower. When the Civil Rights movement exploded onto the American conscience in the early 1960s, these bourgeois white kids were shocked and ashamed to discover that the America they had been brought up in had a rotten core called “Jim Crow”.

Thomas Sowell, in Intellectuals and Race, notes that revolutionary movements most often recruit their most dedicated – often violently so – leaders from amongst the university-educated upper-middle-classes. The radicals of SDS and Weatherman fit this description to a T. Bill Ayers is the son of a CEO of Commonwealth Edison. Bernadine Dohrn grew up in upper-middle-class comfort, as did Cathy Wilkerson, whose parents owned the luxury townhouse in Greenwich Village which Weatherman turned into a bomb factory.

Coinciding as it did with the adolescence of these pampered young college liberals, rebellion was the natural consequence. Many joined the Civil Rights movement and nobly fought to end racial segregation in America – and end it, they did. Within a decade, segregation was gone and racism was well on the way to being all-but expunged from the American psyche.

But for the radicals, that was never enough. For an activist, a problem solved is an existential crisis. Rather than admit that the struggle was over, they doubled down. America had not only been racist, America was and would always be racist. This became the heart of the radical left’s virulent hatred: America was whiteness, whiteness was America.

And it must be destroyed.

“White” in radical construction means anyone of any race, creed, nationality, color, sex, or sexual preference who embraces capitalism, free markets, limited government and American traditional culture and values. By definition, these beliefs are irredeemably evil and anyone who aligns with them is “white” in spirit and thus equally guilty of “white crimes”[…]

The Black Lives Matter movement carries this narrative to unprecedented heights, claiming that only whites can be racists. And while justifying violence to achieve “social justice,” the movement’s goal is to overthrow our society to replace it with a Marxist one. Many members of the black community would be shocked to learn that the intellectual godfathers of this movement are mostly white Communists, “queers” and leftist Democrats, intent on making blacks into cannon fodder for the revolution.

So, if you’ve ever been puzzled by BLM rioters denouncing Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, even the Little Mermaid or an elk, as “racist”, wonder no more. Wonder not, either, why BLM are more and more targeting Christian churches, even black Baptists. Not only are they pursuing the strategic logic of terror: as symbols of liberal, capitalist democracy, those are all indelibly “white”.

And to be “white” is to be irredeemably evil.

This is the racist heart of so-called “anti-racism”.

Pasty, middle-class white college kids flailing their skinny arms and shaking their little fists, then and now. The BFD.

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