Leighton Baker
New Conservative Party leader.

Journalism is known as the fourth estate as its role is to keep the Government honest. If Media is seeking honesty then Media itself must be honest. After reading yesterday’s article on the New Conservatives the question needs to be asked if Newshub Nation meets that threshold.

Saturday mornings so-called investigation into New Conservative did not paint a picture of who they are but rather used innuendos of association and biased opinion to illustrate their prejudice.

The narrative used by Newshub Nation was that New Conservative is an extreme right-wing party.

Look at what the New Conservatives believe and ask yourself if any of these beliefs are extreme.

·  You should work for a living if possible

·  You should obey the law

·  You should pay your taxes

·  True democracy gives freedom

·  Freedom of speech should be protected

·  Every person deserves human rights

·  Public referenda should be binding

·  Smaller Government

·  Private Property rights

·  The importance of family

·  Taking responsibility for your actions.

·  The Government is a servant of the people not vice versa

·  Reward for effort

·  People are important

When the media consider views like those to be extreme it shows which side of the political spectrum they reside in.

Interestingly enough they mentioned the contents of Tarrant’s manifesto which the general public has been banned from reading.

It is very hard to debate something that only selected Media groups have been given access to.

Using old footage, random clips and assessments by so-called experts rather than just the full hour interview so people can decide for themselves are not new tactics for Media. However, it is the same tired rhetoric from those that want to control the story rather than report on it.

Can it be surprising that mainstream news outlets in New Zealand are on the endangered list when they no longer report the news but simply repeat their opinions?

I love New Zealand and am proud to be a conservative. I am really enjoying meeting down to earth, practical honest Kiwis as we tour the nation.


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