My main takeaways regarding New Zealand and its culture during and post lockdown are as follows:

The PM has exuded comfort and kindness. But her coalition has also pushed through very controversial legislation under “urgency” during the crisis. Votes for prisoners and a rise in the minimum wage are examples of, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

Rather than being a “leader”, this government has been a follower, while telling everyone, loud and often, that they were “leading”.

The police have lost a lot of their credibility and perhaps, support and respect, for their handling of the Maori-centrist roadblocks. The hypocrisy of the government in not addressing this issue will be held against them for a long time.

The government has, as usual, targeted the benefits of financial help along racial lines. I refer to the “special targeted” millions for Maori.

A sizeable group of Kiwis are snitches, grasses and dobbers. This is quite different from folk reporting crimes. This is a society being encouraged to officially “inform”, by the government. No society, ever, has held informers in anything but contempt.

The media accepted anything the government, and especially the PM, said or claimed without questioning or asking for verification. For example, they didn’t fact check her false claim that New Zealand’s testing rates were among the highest in the world. They were actually 31st.

More untruths:

“There is no widespread, undetected community transmission in New Zealand. We have won that battle.”

Not according to the epidemiologists.

Hypocrisy over Level 3 gatherings:

“Police will shut down parties”.

Yet when a tangi near Christchurch was held with 100 people, all they had to say was that it was “disappointing”. At a Black Power tangi in Dunedin, the Police threw their hands up stating that “we didn’t want to make a situation worse“. By enforcing the law? There was a gathering of an estimated 300 gang members at Matamata for a funeral during Level 3. The Government response? Zilch!

The government gave itself unnecessary and over the top powers using the crisis as an excuse, not a reason. Evidence of this is how the PM and the DG of Health did not strongly condemn the BLM marches but wagged their fingers at everyone else. Hypocrites. James Cameron and 55 filmmakers were allowed into New Zealand while New Zealanders trying to come home from overseas were not.

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