“Thoughtcrime” is one of the principal tools of control of The Party in George Orwell’s ever-more prophetic 1984. The dreaded Thinkpol assiduously seek out and punish politically speech, actions and even thoughts of the citizens of Oceania.

Denmark is now punishing Thoughtcrime – and bowing to sharia law.

The leader of Danish far-right party Stram Kurs, lawyer Rasmus Paludan, was disbarred from the legal profession and sentenced to three months in jail on Thursday after being found guilty of racism.

Criticising a religion is not “racism”. The tiresome conflation of a religion with “race” does not become any more valid, no matter how many times it is peddled.

In any case, we don’t have to approve of racism to be disturbed by the shocking spectacle of a supposedly liberal, democratic state punishing Thoughtcrime.

Racism is, after all, an attitude – thoughts. Those thoughts may inspire criminal acts, such as assault, but until they do, they remain just thoughts. However much we may dislike them, thoughts are not crime.

Until now, anyway.

Stram Kurs (Hard Line) was close to getting into parliament in the last election in Denmark with a policy based on banning Islam and deporting hundreds of thousands of Muslims.

Paludan first came to public attention in 2017 when he started making anti-Muslim Youtube videos. His stunts have included publicly burning the Koran, sometimes wrapped in bacon, in what he said was a tribute to free speech.

It’s notable, by the way, that a Danish imam who, among other things, defended child rape as part of Islam, advocated the stoning of women and the killing of Jews was punished, not in Denmark, but Germany.

Paludan was sentenced to 14 days of conditional imprisonment in 2019 for racist speech. He will now face one month of imprisonment with two additional months of suspended sentence after being found guilty of 14 different accounts of racism, defamation and hazardous driving.

Additionally, as part of his sentence, Paludan was disbarred for three years, had his driver’s licence suspended for one year and was fined around 40,000 Danish crowns ($6,012.23), the district court said in a statement.

Paludan denied all charges.

So, which is he being jailed for? Defamation and hazardous driving are not charges which normally attract anything more than fines. The only conclusion is that Paludan is being jailed for so-called “racism”.

For Thoughtcrime, in other words.

There is no evidence that these supposedly “racist” thoughts led Paludan to actual criminal acts.

Unless burning the Koran is now a crime in Denmark.

In which case, the only conclusion is that Denmark has now subjected itself to sharia law, as well as Thoughtcrime.

Rasmus Paludan: Thought Criminal. The BFD. Pic: Liselotte Sabroe.

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