Dear Editor

Having read with concern a number of BFD articles about CCP influence on New Zealand politics, I was dismayed by the lack of political support for our closest ally Australia and their demands for an independent investigation into the Wu flu. Also the lamentable support from our government and opposition for Hong Kong’s political freedom.

Like many BFD readers I am not intending to vote again for National in their present guise, (I had to hold my nose to do it at the last election).

Then it occurred to me last week that I had heard nothing from ACT over China. This seemed to me unusual, as Seymour has been the sole voice of conservative reason for the past three years. As I was planning to tick ACT’s box at the next election. I thought I would write to Seymour and find out where ACT stood. I wrote the following letter, to reassure me that ACT were with New Zealand and not another CCP foreign department.

Dear Mr Seymour

There has been a roaring silence from our excuse for a government, or the opposition, following Australia’s call for an investigation into the origins of the corona virus epidemic. 

Similarly there has been a lamentable lack of support for Hong Kong’s freedom.

Meanwhile, the CCP and its ’mouthpieces’ have made overt threats to our closest allies, who have supported these causes, and in the case of Australia. the CCP has sought to damage its trading economy with punitive sanctions.

There is evidence of donations to the largest NZ parties by individuals with strong links to the CCP, which suggests a reason for their silence.

Over the past three years, you have provided the only credible criticism of the government and the only constructive proposals for alternative measures. I am therefore concerned that I have heard no comment from ACT over the calls for an independent investigation into the epidemic outbreak, no comment on Hong Kong and no comment on the actions and statements of the CCP towards our allies.

NZ’s silence over these matters is isolating us from our Five Eyes allies, which will delight the CCP.

My questions to you are:

What is the ACT party’s policy towards the CCP, and do you support our allies in their statements regarding the above? And, has the ACT party received any donations of note from the Chinese expatriate community in NZ?

The following day I received the reply below, from the Party Secretary;

Hi [redacted]

Thank you for your email.  

We do not have a policy specifically dedicated to the CCP. If you wish to read our policies, you will find them online here –

In relation to what ACT New Zealand receives by way of donations, this too can be found online.

This reply struck me as dismissive and a bit of political obfuscation, so I replied:

Dear [redacted],

Thank you for your reply, which sadly was a very “political” reply, where the questions asked get the barest response.

I had hoped that, with your leader’s obvious integrity on so many matters, the response might have dealt more fully (but briefly) with my questions.

So ACT has no policy relating to China and the CCP, but it does have a policy for “maintaining and strengthening” our alliances with our Five Eyes allies.

So I will ask my second part of the question again, does ACT support those allies’ calls for an independent investigation into the origin of the virus, does ACT support our allies in standing against China’s moves to impose legislation on Hong Kong and does it condemn China’s action and threats on trade, against them?

The other parties seem to think they can have a bob each way by being in the Five Eyes club, whilst saying nothing that would upset China and risk trade retaliation, and also harm party donations. Does that reflect ACT’s position too?

The second question I asked regarding donations you declined to answer. Yes, party donations are recorded online and I have seen them. You are certainly aware however that ACT has legal, but anonymous donations, below the threshold for naming the donor. Do any of these donations come from expatriate Chinese? A simple yes or no would suffice.

I am very concerned about the growing malign influence China has on our region and country and I would like to know where your party stands on this matter.

Well, it is now close to two weeks later and still no response. Has New Zealand been bought by the CCP already? Arrests are being made in Hong Kong today and our politicians, apart from Winston Peters (who gives the impression of speaking for himself, rather than the coalition), are silent.

I am feeling like I am in that sci fi movie where the aliens are replacing the people of a town with look alike slaves, born out of giant marrows. You know that shiver when the lead actor hears his/her final companion, who has been fighting with them all the way, says something odd. They then realise they are on their own. 

I am getting that feeling about ACT. Have the CCP got them sewn up like it appears National are? We are a tiny and often naive country. Is the political process under the control of the CCP? They don’t care about light railways or tree planting, we can do those things, but are they curtailing criticism of their regime? Are they seeking to undermine the Five Eyes Alliance? What religion is the Pope? They ‘own’ most of the UN now.

How easy it is for the CCP to have control of our foreign policy through the weakness and greed of our politicians.

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