Before sunrise yesterday, the grass temperature in Washpool, “Sunny
Queensland” was minus 1.7 deg.

There was no wind or sunshine. Wind turbines were becalmed and not
even moonbeams energised our solar panels.

In that still, frosty darkness, green energy failed again. Not a watt came
from becalmed wind “farms” or from subsidized solar panels cluttering
many roofs (including ours). But we didn’t need our diesel in the shed –
we were saved by trusty Old King Coal, with maybe a dash of gas or

Reliable 24/7 generators provided pre-dawn power-by-wire for lights,
heaters and coffee before we checked the frosty flats for new-born

Needs Some Warming here too (Canada)

Yet politicians, academics and the UN-ABC-BBC relentlessly push
unreliable “green” energy, promising it will promote global cooling.

They should be careful what they wish for.

Neither sheep nor shepherds like frosty darkness.

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