Pauline Hanson regularly earns the ire of the media-political elite for having the bad grace to say out loud what the average Australian is saying privately. Now, she’s being punished for something even more gauche: daring to put in blunt terms what the left-elite prefer to whisper and nudge.

Senator Hanson sparked outrage on Monday morning when she said in her regular Today Show spot that migrants who cannot speak English and do not practice social distancing should not get government support while in quarantine.

“Outrage” from whom? The tiny clique of bullying social media sockpuppets on Twitter?

But the biggest hypocrisy here is that Hanson is mostly just repeating what the Victorian government has already been whispering. She merely has the crassness not to sugar-coat it in political correctness.

Desperate to assign blame for his state’s shocking COVID-19 spike anywhere but himself, Andrews blamed “large family gatherings”, specifically an Eid celebration, and “multicultural” communities failing to understand public health warnings. Even right-on lefties admitted that “the government has been very slow on the uptake in the space of communicating public health messaging effectively with migrant communities”.

Thanks, Victoria! The BFD.

In other words: blame it on the wogs. Just don’t say that out loud.

Then, along comes Pauline.

After the social media backlash, Nine’s news and current affairs director Darren Wick announced hours later she would no longer be a regular contributor to the program.

Senator Hanson told The Australian that while she did not care about the ban, she believed Channel 9’s actions were “detrimental” to free speech and that she stood by her comments.

“We’re getting to the point to where you can’t give your opinion. What Channel 9 has done is detrimental to freedom of speech,” she told The Australian […]

Senator Hanson accused the inhabitants of the COVID-lockdown Melbourne towers of being “drug addicts” and refugees who could not follow coronavirus restrictions because they had not learned English.

So, Hanson is not just saying bluntly what the Victorian government prefers to dog-whistle, she’s also just stating what everyone familiar with these places knows. Melbourne’s inner suburbs like Flemington and Richmond, home to large tower blocks, have some of the highest rates of drug use in the state.

It’s no coincidence that those concerned about the “vulnerable” folk of the tower have recommended that drug and alcohol counsellors be sent.

But, hey, only evil ol’ Pauline would say anything about that.

Just as she is the only politician crude enough to question why people are being paid extra money to stay at home and not work.

“They are actually getting paid extra money. Why are they getting paid extra money? For what? They are not leaving the premises.”

Hush, Pauline. That’s, like, racist, or something.

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