Jake Hepple had a plane fly over the Etihad stadium with a White Lives Matter banner which drew condemnation from across the UK, but if Black Lives Matter then shouldn’t White Lives Matter also? This is the problem with subversive identity politics, if one group wants to claim they are disproportionally disaffected then so will another group.

Jake read reports about the brutal murder of seven-year-old Emily Jones, who was stabbed in the neck by an Albanian Migrant while playing in the park on Mothers day. Jake also read about the Lybian migrant who killed three people in a park shortly after a Black Lives Matter event had taken place. Their deaths had nowhere near the amount of attention the Marxist Black Lives Matter movement generate.

Whether you like it or not the perception that Black Lives Matter is more important than other lives is real, it’s real, and it’s growing, mainly due to the lies and anti-white hatred espoused by Black Lives Matter activists. Jake, for all that he did, did not deserve to have his life destroyed for merely making a perfectly legal, non-racist political statement. If White Lives Matter is racist, then so must be Black Lives Matter, that’s equality for you!

It will be interesting to see how much support Jake will get now the woke Marxist cancel culture mob have destroyed his life and career. Jake hasn’t rioted, he hasn’t attacked police, he hasn’t set fire to the Union Jack on the cenotaph, he hasn’t vandalised monuments, he hasn’t disgraced our war dead and he hasn’t hurt anyone physically.

Jake is guilty of no crime at all, yet his life has been destroyed by a baying mob of pernicious Marxist ideologues and their media enablers.

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