What will they think of next?

The Green Gang want to make cattle rustling legal.

Missie Ardern told Galloping Garner she didn’t agree with it, and Maverick Peters said they were “nuts” but he seems a bit “fishy” himself, according to Cowboy Nash who has apologised for saying so.


The Green Gang only want to take some of your cattle and the bigger the ranch the more they will take. I should never have winked at Jimmy Shaw, he has pulled a fast one. This is only going to make the Seymour Gang more popular and able to gather an even bigger Posse.

It’s “see you later alligator in a while crocodile” for Paula (Sweetie).

There was the inevitable parting Cat fight between her and Crusher. It was all about a “Kitchen Cabinet“ I believe.

Whenever I look at a sunset in the West, I will be reminded of Paula, a true “Westie”.

Anyway she has been immortalised by Tom Bradbury, telling us to “EF off.”

Crusher’s comments to Galloping Garner about Missie Ardern’s dissembling have reached Ocker’s Ears according to the “Daily Nail”. Some schoolyard stuff about “Pants on Fire”. Outlaw Seymour has also chimed in with “Missie Ardern couldn’t run a bath let alone a Saloon”. My comment was a rather hackneyed “national disgrace” which isn’t going to set anyone’s pants on fire. As we know the Ockers are “fair dinkum”. Something we don’t get a lot of here when dealing with Missie Ardern.

The “Daily Nail” seems to be suggesting that Missie Ardern’s tenure of Sheriff could be a one term Rudd one. I  pray to Jesus that it will be.

It will be Dancin’ to the Jailhouse Rock for the prisoners. Missie Ardern said they can vote in the election for Sheriff.

As I put most of them behind bars I don’t think they will vote for me. Do you?

This is Missie Ardern’s rat cunning on show again.

Is that slide outside the Saloon symbolic? Cowboy Clark has just gone down it, like Missie Ardern’s popularity. A bit like Shearer’s dead mullets don’t you think?

The second Hungarian revolution has taken place. Not against the Soviets this time but against E.T.N.Z. They have our Mooler. (Not me silly) Though you could be forgiven for a misunderstanding as Maverick Peters calls me Mewler. I am NOT a cat. The CAT sat on the mat. I am Sheriff Muller standing for re-election against Missie Ardern.

Do visitors to the American Cup realise they won’t be able get a bath in Auckland due to Goff’s bloopers?

I have had to shut up Marshal Walker or I will be called a racist and we can’t have that.

They will be likening me next to Trump.

Hosking has told me to be “myself”. Prince Hamlet said “to be or not to be” (myself).

That is the question.


Round up the rustlers,


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