At 1.8% in the latest poll it is hard to see New Zealand First reaching the 5% threshold between now and September 12, that’s about ten weeks. There are some who are saying that he shouldn’t be written off and, if history is anything to go by, it is hard to disagree. But on this occasion, it does seem unlikely.

Winston, as New Zealand First, is his and his party’s own worst enemy. He bears grudges for what seems like centuries. Holding the balance of power post election he commences a game of playing the two major parties off against one another in an unedifying attempt to obtain the best deal for himself. This ridiculous charade has nothing to do with what’s best for the country.

Winston, of course, would argue otherwise, saying he is the handbrake that prevents the Government from passing unpopular legislation, e.g. the Capital Gains Tax. In presenting this argument he conveniently forgets that had he gone with National, CGT would not have been an issue. There are also instances where Winston has let the country down, e.g. the recently passed gun laws. So he can be both a help and a hindrance.

Putting the current shambolic lot into power has shown him to be a complete hindrance when it comes to the good of the country and that’s without COVID. Of all the times he has chosen a party to suit his own ends this has to be it. It appears that those who voted for him to keep National honest are not going to fall for the same trick again. Once bitten, twice shy, as the old saying goes.

Winston could see that the limited ability of the PM to do her job meant he could effectively run the show. This has been the case and with the election on the horizon our so called saviour has decided it’s time to flex his muscles to greater effect. The tram up Dominion Road has gone, no cameras on fishing boats, no sanctuary around the Kermadecs and a multi million post-Covid handout to the racing industry.

Work has started on what could yet prove to be a futile exercise and gigantic waste of money in upgrading the rail line to Whangarei as there is currently no guarantee the Auckland port will move there. This is nothing more than pork-barrel politics to help Mr Jones win the Northland seat which, if the polls aren’t crap as Winston seems to think they are, they will have to do to stay in Parliament. It’s to be hoped the people of that electorate will see what a good MP they have in Matt King.

The big question prior to the election concerning Winston is the deal over Ihumatao. Is he going to deliver Jacinda the ultimate slap in the face and scotch her hopelessly flawed idea? Will he do it over a scotch? Will it be a Teachers in terms of giving her a lesson or will he step up with a more expensive Chivas Regal to celebrate the moment?

Whatever is the poison of choice I think his position in the polls makes such a move inevitable. There is little doubt the majority of New Zealanders will back him. Unfortunately for Winston that doesn’t mean that they will vote for him. I am of the opinion he has done his dash, cooked his goose or whatever you like to call it.

This election could be Winston’s last.

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Will Winston Scotch the Ihumatao Deal?


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