Now that the unraveling of the shambles that was the handling of COVID-19 is becoming apparent, there is also becoming apparent a number of personages who have suffered embarrassment as as a result of the fallout.

There is no better place to start than at the top with the Prime Minister. First, her obsession with being able to help to spread the virus at the anniversary of the Christchurch massacre with her hugging routine prevented her from going hard and early. This hard and early nonsense is a lie that the Government has no qualms about repeating ad nauseam. When she finally had to give up on her Muslim masquerade and close the borders it was too late.

The BFD. Pshaw! Social distancing is for other people.

You could argue it didn’t matter because those still allowed to enter the country were pretty much able to just wander in with a friendly greeting of don’t forget to self isolate and here’s a leaflet. Something to read on the way home or while travelling to your accommodation. Effectively an open border. No proper scrutiny, no proper testing, no means of checking on self-isolation. Meanwhile, those of us lucky enough to have a house to live in were barely allowed to open our front door.

Meanwhile, at 1pm each day Jacinda and Ashley appeared to present what was the equivalent of the daily episode of the soap opera Days of our Lives. Stop the presses! Right here is the problem with this Prime Minister. All she is interested in is being adored, not just here but globally. Her priority is self promotion on the global stage. Jacinda doesn’t have to worry about knowing the nuts and bolts of anything because her communication studies have taught her how to talk a lot on a subject while either saying nothing or espousing misinformation.

The next personage to embarrass himself was the Minister of Health Dr David Clark who doesn’t appear to do anything by halves. He obviously wasn’t content with breaking the rules set by his Department just once because he had two or three goes at it. As Minister of Health, he became the invisible man and somewhat redeemed himself by giving an exemplary example of self-isolation.

Another personage who has embarrassed himself was a doctor of a different sort, the Prime Minister’s babe magnet, Dr Ashley Bloomfield. Here is a man who was totally fixated on his daily television date with Jacinda while his health department was going to hell in a handcart. There were numerous problems with the handling of COVID-19 plus the availability of the yearly flu vaccine but, like Jacinda, he bluffed his way through. Even now he doesn’t have a handle on quarantine numbers and who has or hasn’t been tested. By the way, also like Jacinda, he broke his own rules on social distancing. This couple has a degree of commonality.

The BFD. Hypocrite of the day. Director General of Health Ashley Bloomfield stands close to restaurant staff breaching social distancing rules imposed by his ministry. A similar photo situation at a restaurant earnt National MP Matt King a police reprimand.

The other personage to offer up embarrassment was the media. The journalists that attended the daily pressers, which eventually morphed into an electioneering platform for the Labour Party, were an embarrassment themselves. They deserve to have a place in the Guinness Book of Records for asking the most number of inane questions in the allotted time. So keen were they to prostrate themselves at the feet of their two heroes they became dribbling sycophants to the point of self-inflicted humiliation. If they had done what is supposed to be their job, research and investigate, we would all have been better informed much earlier.

The BFD. Jacinda and her adoring flock of Journalists. Photoshopped image credit Luke

What we can take from this is an incompetent Prime Minister leading (?) an incompetent Government with a totally incompetent Minister of Health and an incompetent Director-General of Health backed by a compliant incompetent media.

I suggest September is the time to terminate this reign of incompetence and save the country further embarrassment.

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The Embarrassing Incompetent Personages of COVID-19


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