I am very distressed to read that the statue of Captain Hamilton has been removed by Hamilton City Council. I can understand that the intentions behind this action were well meaning. 

However, what you have now done is set a precedent that could have unintended consequences. By that I mean, the reason (to my understanding) that the statue was removed was because it represented cultural disharmony and oppression.

I find it totally culturally insensitive that a symbol of my European cultural history was removed. I also say that if the statue was removed for the reasons stated above, then under equality, you must therefore remove any and all symbols of Maoridom, as they were themselves slave owners. It is well documented that European colonialism ended their practice of slavery.

Slavery of any people (even if it is one’s own) is unacceptable, agreed? So by not removing their symbolism, you are in effect in agreeance with slavery of Maori, by Maori.

The removal of our nation’s history, even if we disagree with it, is immoral and unacceptable. If we removed history every time somebody got offended by it, it would never be taught. And therefore we would be doomed to repeat it.

As stated, this can have unintended consequences. A roll on effect can happen. What if it is deemed that certain publications about our historical past are offensive; are we to have book burnings next? There was another group of people in history who tore down statues and burned books because they didn’t like the historical context: just look at 1930’s Germany to understand what I mean.

Surely the Hamilton City Council doesn’t want to be associated with the kinds of practices of that ideology?

Your Council have made the wrong decision on this and need to remedy it. Shame on you if you don’t.

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Open Letter to Hamilton Council over Statue Removal
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